Here’s Why Working Abroad Is a Great Idea and How to Make It Happen

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Here's Why Working Abroad Is a Great Idea and How to Make It Happen

Most of us have set a routine for ourselves. We take the same route to work, pick up the same coffee, and spend our day at the same office every day for months and maybe years. This is good. After all, who wants to get out of their comfort zone? However, if you want to make your life a bit more interesting, challenging and satisfying, you could try getting a job outside of Singapore. Apart from doing wonders to your resume, it will contribute massively to your personality too.

Why should you consider working abroad?

  1. To break stereotypes: Typecasts are easy to create. It is only natural to believe what you have heard about other countries and their residents, when you’re miles away from them. However, when you move to another country, you get to know that most of these are false. Expand your worldview!
  2. To learn about new cultures: People always teach you a lot more than books or the Internet ever can. Making friends with people who come from completely different cultures and nationalities than yours can prove to be excellent for your overall development.
  3. To travel to dream destinations: If travelling across Europe is your dream, getting a job in a European country is your best bet to ensure that you fulfil it. It is definitely going to be cheaper and more practical to do so from a European country than to do it from here in Singapore. And you see a side of the country like a local.
  4. To give your career an international exposure: Being a star performer in your office sure has its perks. However, working in a new country, with a new set of rules and people successfully shows that you love to take up challenges, adjust well, and are open to changes.
  5. To become a risk-taker: Stepping out of your comfort zone will make you realise the value of taking risks in life. It will encourage you to try new things and benefit from it.


Now that you are tempted to try getting a job abroad, here are some ways to do it:

  1. Join interest groups on social media: We all know social media can make or break your career. So, why not use it to find your dream job abroad? Join interest groups on LinkedIn and apply for jobs by selecting specific geographies. Reach out to Singaporean expats in your country of choice on the platform as well.
  2. Network: Get in touch with your ex-colleagues or university mates who are working abroad and find out how they landed the job. You could do so by attending alumni gatherings or reunions, apart from getting in touch with them on social media.
  3. Make a resume that stands out: Your resume is your greatest strength while applying for a job abroad. The key is to describe your achievements and skills in a clear, concise manner. Make sure the time your potential hiring manager will spend on it is well worth it. Of course, avoid these three common mistakes Singaporeans generally make.
  4. Try for work-visa friendly countries: While the Singaporean passport is one of the most powerful in the world, you could aim at finding jobs in the countries where getting a work visa is easy. A few examples include the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, and Australia.
  5. Make use of the government support: If you seeking to find a job in Australia and are looking for leads, here is some good news. Under an agreement between the Singaporean and Australian government, you can get a Work and Holiday Visa if you meet the educational requirements and know English. It’s time to experience a working holiday in Australia! More details here.
  6. Migrate through your company: If you are working in an MNC, let your manager know you are seeking an opportunity abroad and communicate that any help from his/her side will be appreciated. They can put in a word for you or even give a positive recommendation. Alternatively, since most MNCs circulate job openings in all their offices regularly, you could apply through that.

Go ahead, turn your dream into a reality. 



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