5 Small Eco-friendly Things to Buy to Help You Save Money and the Environment

Saving the earth doesn’t have to be expensive or a lot of hard work, from toothbrushes to toilet rolls, here are five commonly-used, eco-friendly items you can switch to.

4 Ways to Get More Authentic Travel Experiences

Up the ante on your travel experience. Forget massive tour agencies and their standardised tour scripts. Explore a city with locals, take up interesting workshops (and bring home better souvenirs!), make new friends, and create unforgettable memories.

3 Personal Finance Lessons That Undergraduates Should Know

Being an undergraduate is not easy. On the one had you have studies to contend with and on the other your finances. There are times when we, as undergraduates, can land up in some hot water as far as personal finance is concerned. Here are some tips that could help with avoiding these hot waters.

12 Insider Tips for First-Time Travellers to the Philippines

Travelling to the Philippines for the first time? Guess what? You don’t have to spend a fortune to indulge on an epic trip in this Asian hub. Hear it from a local and make it a perfect vacation for you.

5 Social Enterprises to Shop at and Feel Good

Forget mindless consumerism – shopping with a conscience is where it’s at now. Check out these 5 social enterprises with their beautiful designs and communities that they can support through your purchase.

6 online platforms that help you travel longer for less

From work exchange, to volunteering, house-sitting and absolutely free accommodation – check out these 6 websites to get free accommodation and food while you travel, meet locals, explore remote areas of a country and gain an authentic experience like no other.

3 of the Best Credit Cards for Cashback in Singapore

Cashback cards have been very successful among people who see little value in collecting points and miles, and prefer the instant gratification of cashback. Here’s a look at the best cashback credit cards that you can get your hands on in Singapore.

A Singaporean’s Guide to Buying an Island in the Philippines

Fancy buying your own private tropical paradise? Why not head to our Southeast Asian neighbour, the Philippines, and purchase one of its 7,641 beautiful islands?

Essential Things to Consider Before Buying a Car in Singapore

Not having to beat the morning rush hour commute on our frequently delayed trains can give anyone a sigh of relief even if it does come with a higher price tag from buy a car. But the expense is much higher, and before you commit to one, here are essential things to consider, be it a brand new car or a second hand car.

6 Money-Saving Tips for Pregnant Ladies in Singapore

Pregnancy is one of the best phases of life and you must make the most of it. However, it does bring in additional expenses. But some good planning and money matters will not bring in any stress. Here are some handy money-saving tips you will love.

How Will Some of Singapore’s Top Financial Bloggers Invest Their First $10K

What if you had S$10,000 to spare? How would you use it? Would you invest it in something or would you go on a vacation? Lets take a look at what some of the top financial bloggers would do with their money. There could be some useful ideas in here!

3 Crazy Facts About Student Debt Today

From an average spending of S$21,000 per year on education to 52% of parent willing to go into debt to educate their children, it seems that Singapore’s student debt situation is a point of concern. Here are some numbers about this debt that will most certainly surprise you.

How to Save Money on Gadgets in Singapore

Upgrading your electronic stash? Here are some pointers about what you should do before your next tech buy, besides comparing prices and warranties!

Starting a Business? Here’s What You Need to Know About Setting up a Business Bank Account

Choosing the ideal business bank account is the same as choosing a partner – you want the relationship to last for life. Is it necessary? How to choose the right one? What to submit? Here is everything you need to know about setting up a business bank account.