Three Psychological Tricks to Increase Your Motivation at Work (and Pave the Way for a Higher Salary)

Friday can’t seem to come soon enough, Sunday makes you slightly wistful and Monday hits you with the blues. But if you’re not absolutely hating on your job – and you should consider a switch if it gets to that point –, you might just be suffering from a lack of job motivation. Psychologists reveal three tips for job motivation that will power you through every workday.

Do You Get Paid More if You’re Good Looking?

Results from a new study have uncovered the qualities that will earn you a higher salary and attractive looks aren’t as important as you think it is. So what is? Read on to find out.

3 Dishes Singaporeans Pay to Eat Outside but Can Easily Make at Home

With food and water prices increasing, you’re likely to start paying more for your favourite dishes at the coffeeshop. Save money by learning these hawker, zi char and dessert recipes instead!

Are You Making Yourself Poorer Than You Should Be with These Mental Biases?

The way your brain thinks about money may be flawed. Get into your own mind and combat the common cognitive biases that may be encouraging you to make the wrong financial decisions.

4 Ways to Hoard More Books Without Going Broke

As any book-lover will tell you, there is always that itch to possess the novels you have learnt to love. Use these four tips to hoard more books without breaking the bank.

3 Misconceptions That Consumers Have About Loans

We all know something about a loan. We have someone who knows someone who took a loan this one time and… Tales like these tend to give rise to rumours and misconceptions. While they may seem to be harmless misconceptions, they need to be done away with nonetheless. So here are 3 things people generally get wrong when it comes to loans.

4 Great Cards for Different Types of Female Travellers

Having the right plastic with you can save you money in the long run or pave the way for a next and cheaper vacation. These cards are particularly useful for female travellers, depending on what kind of traveller you are.

4 Credit Cards Every New Parent Could Really Use

Your spending habits are going to change with the arrival of your little one. Thankfully, these choice credit cards will go a long way in helping your family spend less and save money.

5 Tips for Dealing with Life When You Don’t Get the Promotion You Were Expecting

While being promoted at work is a matter of pride and joy, not getting it, especially when you were expecting it, can leave you angry, disheartened and demoralised. We agree that it won’t be one of the best days of your life but there are ways to deal with it. So, before you burn in rage or sulk your heart out, read these tips.

5 Things You Should and Should NOT Do with Your Bonus

You have just been rewarded for your efforts; you’re enjoying the feel-good emotion, and are probably tempted to let the sensation flow. Here are a few things you should physically stop yourself from doing; and some you could do instead.

Don’t Make These 7 Common Mistakes That Can Derail Your Career as a Manager

In the cut-throat world of business, careers tend to collapse as easily as a house of cards. And you are left wondering why. Here are some common career mistakes managers make that have the potential to throw budding managerial prospects out of the office window.

5 English Movies That Teach Us About Money Management

Entertainment and learning, right here! We have a list of movies that teach us some important financial lessons, which, if taken seriously, can help us go a long way in life. Take a look.

5 Champagne Brunches in Singapore That You Have to Try to Call Yourself a Foodie

In Singapore, you find Michelin starred hawker stalls and Michelin starred restaurants in 5-stars plus everything in between. One of these in-between delights is Singapore’s delicious champagne brunch. Read on for some of the best champagne brunches in the city.

Pros and Cons of Taking a Loan in Singapore

Every Singaporean will have to take a loan at one point in their lives be it for a house, car, wedding or to start a new business. If you’re one of the few that can afford things without having to take on a loan, lucky you! Otherwise, chances are you’re a middle-class citizen trying to make it in life and have to take at least a housing loan to own a house. Before you take a loan, you should educate yourself on everything about it such as penalties if you default on your loan and the benefits of choosing from another institution. To start you off, here are the pros and cons of some loans in Singapore.

Two Public Holidays in May! 5 Places You Can Visit for an Amazing 2-Week Holiday with Just 8 Days of Leave

Plan a long vacation – and by long, we mean an extended two week break. Here is how. With May Day on the 1st and Vesak on the 10th of May, all you have to do is take 8 days off, add your weekends to the mix, and you are set to visit foreign shores!