Co-Branded Credit Cards: Use Them Right for Big Savings

You must have seen credit cards that carry two brand names and wondered if they are any good. Well, if you love shopping at particular outlets, you should definitely find out if they offer a co-branded credit card. It’ll help you to save a great deal!

Top Family-Friendly Eating Spots Your Kids Will Love

Tired of dealing with kid tantrums and costly meals when taking the family out? This list of eating places offer activities for tots and value-for-money meals for both kids and adults.

Noobs Guide to Balance Transfer

Most of us have more than 1 credit card to our names which can lead to times when we might owe something on each credit card. The one thing that can happen in this situation is that the interest can make the debt almost unbearable and that is where a balance transfer comes in. Never heard of a Balance transfer Plan? Here’s all you need to know.

Best Credit Cards for Entertainment in Singapore

With excellent discounts at entertainment centres along with offers on dining and movie tickets, entertainment credit cards make everyday life more pleasing and fun than ever before! Let us look at some entertainment credit cards that are offered by banks in Singapore.

Your Decade-By-Decade Guide to Financial Wellness

Financial planning can be all too overwhelming. But here’s how you can focus your energies in every stage of your life, to get you on your way to financial wellness.

Top Three Life Experiences Your Children Should Have Before They Turn 10

Enabling kids to have some amazing life experiences at a young age will impact their personalities positively. Spend time these vacations to teach them how to save money, help the underprivileged and enjoy travel.

What Are the Best Entry Level Credit Cards for Recent Grads?

After graduation, you went and got your first job. Now that you have your job and are earning, you probably want to complete the experience of becoming an adult by getting yourself a credit card. While you may dream of a card that offers you the world, the reality is that you may have to start with an entry level credit card. If you are looking for something like that then here is a list of 3 cards that can help you get started with your credit card experience.

5 Breathtaking Hill Stations in India You Must Visit in 2017

India is a land of some truly awe-inspiring destinations. From places that exhibit the brilliance of Indian culture to places that take your breath away, the Indian landscape is diverse and possibly has everything a traveller needs under the sun. If hill stations are what you’re looking for, well, these are some destinations that will leave you speechless.

6 Money Tips Millennials Can Learn from Their Parents

Wondering how your parents managed money so well? Here are a few lessons you can learn from them that will help you go a long way. Trim that party budget, set a retirement fund and don’t scrimp on the insurance.

[Infographic] 6 Ways to Reduce Your Taxes in Singapore

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,” said Benjamin Franklin. Those are very wise words indeed, but we mustn’t be faulted for trying, if we did try to reduce our taxes. For some, they try to cheat death too! Let us tell of six ways you can reduce your tax in Singapore. Read on.

Here’s How Startups Can Maintain Their Culture Despite Rapid Expansion

In a borderless world, it makes sense for an agile, growing startup to make the most of perks and create offices, in select cities, that can work seamlessly to produce the best value for the consumer. But with creating work spaces in cities that you have no connection to can be daunting and one of the main concerns companies have is about building the right culture within these offices. Here is a look at how this problem can be approached.

Is Fintech Only for Millennials?

Millennials have created a disruption in the banking sector with their use of mobile devices. They no longer believe in face-to-face business transactions when there are more efficient ways to do it. As a result, Fintech has been thriving in Singapore. So, is Fintech only for millennials?

6 Inexpensive Holiday Ideas for the Good Friday Weekend

A Good Friday weekend break is a ‘good’ idea – take off to a nearby destination for a short, rejuvenating break. Here are some ideas for solo, couple, and family trips.

How Singapore Is Primed to Build Fintech Talent

Singapore has come up with new developments and initiatives to build a stronger pool if fintech talent in the country. Government support, financial and otherwise, has also bolstered the effort to prime local fintech talent; moves which could put it in competition with leading fintech hubs of the world. How? Why? To what end? Lets find out.

5 Reasons Why Paperless Finance Is the Way to Go

With the advent of fintech and deeper penetration of technology in the banking and finance sectors, submitting documents or planning trips to the banks is giving way to a new system. The new system is fast, available on the go, paperless and can put you in touch with the right products. Here is why it works for both customers and banks.