8 Smart Ways to Save on Mobile Phone Bills

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8 Smart Ways to Save on Mobile Phone Bills

One of the few monthly expenses that can creep up on you is your mobile phone bills. Most people may not spare a second thought on how much their mobile plans cost because it’s just tens of dollars.

But $10 here and $20 there can snowball into a huge sum over time. If you are wondering where all your money disappears to every month, these little things may just be the culprit.

To save on mobile phone bills doesn’t mean you have to live miserably by limiting your data, talktime, and messages. It means not wasting money and getting the most value out of your plans.

Here’s how to save on mobile phone bills without being miserable

1. Opt for SIM-Only plans

Familiar with the glossy pamphlets telling you that it’s time to renew your contract and get a special price and discount on a new handset?

While that may sound tempting, you are actually paying more per month in exchange for a cheaper or free phone. Also, you will be tied down to your telco for two years with a contract.

If you do not need a new phone or can get one at a good price elsewhere, it is highly recommended that you sign up for SIM Only plans.

They are significantly cheaper and you will not be locked into a long-term contract. Being able to cancel anytime offers you more flexibility without compromising on your needs.

2. Leverage on corporate discounts

If you work for big companies, chances are you are able to get a corporate discount on mobile phone plans. As long as you don’t cancel the plan, the discount stands even if you have left the company.

So, if you are going to join a new company that is a partner with your preferred telco, get a new mobile phone contract only after you join!

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3. Know what you need

If you are unsure, take a look at your past invoices and see what is important to you. Is it talktime, data, or messages?

If you only care for data, then it may be wise to get the cheapest plan and add more data at a fee.

4. Get on family bundles

There are perks to having your mobile and home needs with one telco. You can enjoy a bundle deal for multiple mobile phone lines, home phone line, TV, and broadband.

There are also supplementary plans that allow you to share data, talktime, and messages with your family at a fee. You may be able to save on mobile phone bills by maintaining one plan instead of multiple ones.

StarHub’s value-added service DataShare allows you to share only your data with your family members.

For example, if you have 15GB data and you only need 7GB, you can allocate the remaining 8GB to your data hungry children and spouse however you like. The catch is that you have to pay an additional $2.14 a month and all the mobile phone lines have to be under one billing account.

5. Monitor your data usage

Exceeding your data limit is a waste of money. You can get more data with the same amount of money if you add on in advance.

To avoid being charged extra, you can monitor your data usage via your telco’s mobile app and opt to get a notification when you are going to exceed your data limit.

6. Tap on free Wi-Fi

In Singapore, you can find many free Wi-Fi hotspots at restaurants, salons, shopping malls, and even MRT stations. Utilise them to reduce the amount of data you need.

7. Be careful of those WhatsApp calls

Nowadays, our mobile plans give us more talktime than we actually need. Data? It never seems to be enough. So, when you want to call a friend or receive a call, be sure to avoid using WhatsApp, which eats up your data. Use your talktime instead.

8. Sort out overseas usage early

International roaming charges are expensive. If you have upcoming travel plans and can’t live without data or calls overseas, you should research on affordable options in advance. Your options include buying a prepaid SIM card in Singapore or at your destination or a pocket Wi-Fi.

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