Asked for Too Much Money in an Interview? Here’s How to Recover

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Did you make a boo-boo at your job interview by asking for too much money? Are you wondering if you can ever come back from that? The answer is always YES. C’mon, there’s nothing we can’t come back from.

Here are some tips that you can try if you ever ask for too much money in an interview.

Ask for a salary range

So you’ve quoted your expectation and the interviewer is just staring back with a blank expression. That could be shock. What you can do here is take the conversation in a direction where there is reciprocation.

Ask the interviewer for a salary bracket or a range that the company offers for this job title and role. The interviewer might be less taken back because they might see that you are open to negotiation on the salary front. This way, they won’t totally dismiss you for the position.

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Come clean regarding your expectations

We’re hoping here that your salary quotation was not just a shot in the dark. You’ve done some research on why you picked this much to ask for this job role and position.

So, be honest with the interviewer and tell them what you are going to deliver in exchange. Pitch yourself to them making them understand why you’re worth investing in.

If you do this right, even if they aren’t willing to offer you what you asked, they might be honest about what they’re willing to offer you. It could also open the grounds for negotiations.

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Engage the interviewer

A salary negotiation or any negotiation for that matter is not just you asking for money and the interviewer responding to you with a yes or a no. It is a discussion.

So, keep the interviewer engaged throughout the interview and even if you’ve made a boo-boo with asking too much, the interviewer might “discuss” with you rather than just ‘thank you for coming in’ ( we all know what that means, right?).

But be careful not to beat around the bush; be assertive and present yourself well. Who knows, if you play your cards right, the interviewer might even think you’re joking when you ask for too much money and you can just have a laugh over it!

Make them believe that you really want the job

One of the most important criteria that all interviewers look for is whether the candidate actually wants the job. Nobody wants a player, whether it comes to dating or a job interview. Playing hard to get is so yesterday’s move.

The interviewer might be flabbergasted by how much you’ve asked and write you off either thinking you’re delusional or simply playing hard to get. But it is your job now to make them believe that you actually want this job because you fit this role perfectly.

You can simply reiterate your interest in this position and tell them directly that you’re willing to negotiate your package. You can also follow-up with them via email or a phone call after your interview so they really believe your interest is genuine.

Everybody deserves a second chance. But not everybody gets it because they don’t grab the opportunity in front of them. Don’t become one of “them”. Go out there and grab your second chance!

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