OCBC Plus! Visa Card Review: 7% Rebate At FairPrice and more

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There are so many grocery credit cards out there, which one are you using? Are you using a ‘family card’ or ‘everyday essentials card’ like the OCBC 365 Card, BOC Family Card or POSB Everyday Card? Or have you considered using a co-branded credit card for your supermarket spends?

Today we’ll be looking at the OCBC Plus! Visa Card. It’s a credit card that can give you up to 7% rebate at FairPrice and Warehouse Club, along with other discounts on fuel and everyday purchases.

Do note that the OCBC Plus! Visa Card isn’t the same as the NTUC Plus! Visa Credit Card. The NTUC card is only for NTUC members.

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OCBC Plus! Visa Card Review

Exclusive FairPrice discounts with the OCBC Plus! Visa Card

So, you do your grocery shopping at FairPrice? If you find yourself wondering if you could get more value of out your grocery spends, then this review is for you! Here are the two main FairPrice perks that come with the OCBC Plus! Visa Credit Card:

  • 7% rebate at FairPrice stores and Warehouse Club
  • 3% rebate when you shop at FairPrice Online

To enjoy the above rebates, you need to spend at least S$500 outside of FairPrice stores within the same month. This could be your utility bills, insurance, haircuts, retail shopping, etc..

For example, if you spent S$350 at FairPrice this month, and another S$500 for out-of-store spends, you’ll be getting 7% rebate on your S$350 FairPrice spend (S$24.50 savings).

How are the rebates given?

The rebates are given in the form of LinkPoints. When you spend at FairPrice, FairPrice will give you 1.33% rebates first. Subsequently, and if you meet the minimum S$500 spend, OCBC will award you with a further 5.67% in Bonus LinkPoints. As for FairPrice Online purchases, the full 3% rebate is awarded by OCBC only if you need the minimum spends.

Here’s another catch. All rebates given by OCBC are capped at S$500 Visa transactions, or 4,250 LinkPoints per card account, per month. We know that there’s a lot of things you can buy in FairPrice, but don’t go thinking that you can spend S$2,000 in a month, and get 7% rebate on all of it!

Linkpoints OCBC Plus! Card

At the time of transaction, LinkPoints will be rewarded to you. At the end of the following month, your Bonus LinkPoints will be credited to you by OCBC.

Linkpoints OCBC Plus! Card

When you make an online purchase at FairPrice you get 3% off. You will receive your LinkPoints within 60 days from your transaction date.

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Other perks of choosing the OCBC Plus! Visa Credit Card

If you’re going to buy so much groceries from FairPrice, you’ll probably need a car. Thankfully, the OCBC Plus! Visa Credit Card gives you discounts at Caltex and Esso too.

  • Get an instant discount of 18% when you pump petrol from Caltex. Don’t worry about the grade of fuel because the offer is applicable on all grades of petrol and diesel. This offer is inclusive of 5% prevailing site discount and 13% OCBC Plus! Visa Card discount.
  • At Esso, you get to save up to 18.5% on your fuel bills. Additionally, you can also earn 2.4% Smiles Savings.
  • 3% off at Cheers, Unity and Popular
  • 1% rebate on your telco recurring bills

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What do we think about the OCBC Plus! Visa Card?

OCBC Plus! Visa Credit CardOCBC Plus! Visa Credit Card
Card Type: Cash rebate
Annual Fee: S$107 (1-year fee waiver)
Apply Now
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  • 7% cash rebate at FairPrice Stores, Warehouse Club, and Unity
  • 3% rebate on FairPrice On
  • Minimum monthly spend of S$500 outside of FairPrice

This card is definitely recommended to Singaporeans who frequent FairPrice supermarkets.

The slightly annoying bit about using an OCBC Plus! Visa Credit Card is that you need to make a minimum spend of S$500 outside FairPrice to qualify for exclusive FairPrice discounts. However, this is not very difficult to achieve provided you plan your budget carefully.

Use the OCBC Plus! Card to pay for petrol, your telco bills, and expenses from Unity, Cheers or Popular first. That’ll ensure that with every dollar you spend on the card, you’re getting some value out of it.

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