Feeling Broke? You’ll Need This List of Money-Saving Tools for Working Adults

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Money-Saving Tools

Living in Singapore is no mean feat. Apart from the hot and humid weather, the living expense also takes a toll on us, especially for the working adults. Living in the world’s priciest city, Singapore’s working adults logically (and desperately) needs a good pocket list of money saving tools. To help working adults cope with the rising cost of living and live comfortably, here’s THE complete list of money saving tools curated by BankBazaar.

1. Track your spending patterns efficiently: Seedly

Saving starts with keeping track of your spending patterns and reviewing them on a monthly basis. This allows you to ensure that your money is well spent on necessary things in your life, rather than spending on wants. However, with multiple cards and bank accounts, keeping track of your spending pattern is no easy task. Before you even start reviewing your spending habit, you have to spend time consolidating your cashflow across cards and bank accounts. This is the most frustrating part about tracking your spending patterns, isn’t it?

The Seedly app takes the pain of consolidating your personal cashflow out of the picture. By simply logging into your ibanking account through the app, it helps you to categorise your transactions with a visually appealing infographic. You can even find personal insights into your spending habits.

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2. Getting to your destination at half the cost: TaxiBot

While Singapore’s public transport system appears to become more reliable in recent times, some of us would still prefer taxis for the comfort and convenience. However, the cost of taking a cab (or private-hire car) to your destination usually costs 4-5 times as much as the public buses or trains. Cost usually puts us off the idea of choosing taxis over public transport. But what if you can get to your destination at half the cost?

Uber is out of Singapore for good but regional and home-grown players like Go-Jek and Ryde are joining the game. This means that there will be another round of promo code war between the ride-hailing players in Singapore. To keep up with the latest promo codes from these players, TaxiBot is your best bet. You can simply get the latest set of promo code from their FB messenger bot any time you wish to take a ride. All you have to do is to message them to get the conversation going.

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3. Delight your palate at discounted prices: Fave, MoneyDigest, Eatigo, and The Entertainer

Eating is one of the favourite pastimes of Singaporeans. Seven out of ten post or Instastories you see on your friend’s Instagram are probably #foodporn. That is the extent of our love for food as Singaporeans. However, good food is hard to find. For that matter, good and cheap food is even rarer to find. What if you want to delight your palates but do not want to see your wallet “bleed”? For the foodie working adults out there, Fave, MoneyDigest, Eatigo and The Entertainer should be your go-to sources for discounted food to give your hard-earned money more bang.


If you are familiar with Groupon, then you don’t need much explanation how Fave works. The Fave app bought over Groupon and is currently THE coupon app in Singapore. You can find all sorts of discounted deals from Fave, especially food deals!

Money Digest

MoneyDigest is a website that curates all the latest dining deals currently happening in Singapore. With MoneyDigest, you don’t have to spend unnecessary effort to search high and low for discounts.


Eatigo is a reservation booking app that lets you enjoy meals with discount at different timing. The concept is to visit restaurants at off-peak hours and you get to enjoy discounts as high as 50% for the same food! There are no other terms and conditions like minimum spending!

The Entertainer

You’ve probably heard of The Entertainer. It’s the paid lifestyle app that gives you 1-for-1 deals on a wide array of dining options in Singapore and around the region. These days, the app has even expanded to include deals for fitness and beauty, fashion, and travel. Depending on when you commence your subscription, the cost will vary. Its original price is S$145, but since half the year is gone, the price has dipped to S$75.

Still too expensive? HSBC credit cardholders get to sign up for The Entertainer within their HSBC Singapore app for only S$5! The deals may not be exactly identical, but a lot of it is in there. It’s a deal you cannot miss!

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4. Find and buy all your needs from all over the world: EzBuy

Nowadays, shopping has been made much easier by the development of e-commerce. You can easily order a pair of sports shoe from Nike or Adidas through their website and have it delivered to your doorstep. This is especially useful for those who are looking to purchase products that are only limited to a certain region, e.g. in the US.

There is, however, one big issue: The exorbitant shipping fee. To get your purchase delivered to Singapore, you might have to pay 20% of your purchase price for shipping. So, instead of directly shipping to Singapore through the seller, you can engage the service of EzBuy.

The beauty of what EzBuy can do for you is simple. They help you to ship your overseas buy at a fraction of the cost in the same amount of time. They currently provide shipping services from US, Korea, Taiwan and China. With EzBuy, you can get your sports apparel, facial products, Taiwan food and Taobao loots at low shipping costs. This translates to more money for you to sweep more loot off the website of your favourite brand.

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5. Get ATAS fit and healthy packages for low prices: GuavaPass

Private and beautiful (read: ATAS) gyms/studios have been sprouting up like mushrooms all over Singapore. These gyms/studios offer a variety of fit and healthy workouts from martial arts to yoga to dance to high-intensity interval training (HIIT). A good workout at the end of the day or during the weekends helps to provide an avenue for working adults to destress. While the idea of a good workout is tempting, the price of the packages tends to put us off the execution.


Source: Pexels

But if you are aiming to get that fitspo body at a low cost, GuavaPass is THE fitness pass to get. With GuavaPass, you can get access to over 100 gym/studio in Singapore at a bargain. Unlike signing up with an individual gym/studio, GuavaPass’ multi-access to different gym/studio offers flexibility and option. Depending on your mood of the day, you can opt for any type of workout from yoga to martial arts. In addition, you don’t even have to worry about the schedule because there are so many classes for you to choose from. There is bound to be one that suits your packed schedule.

If GuavaPass is still out of your budget, there’s always 8 free fitness apps to get instead of gym memberships.

6. Low cost “maid” to clean your house: Robot vacuum cleaner

After spending eight hours a day at work, you are probably deadbeat when you get home. The thought of having to still clean your home after you get home from work is a nightmare for most people. Thus, some of you might engage part-time maids to clean your house for you. Instead of a part-time maid, why not get a robotic vacuum cleaner robot that will clean your floor all-day-err-day? You can just sit back, relax, and enjoy as it removes dust and litter all day long.

7. Free saving tool to enforce your saving habit while growing your saving: Regular savings plan

Saving has two meanings: Spending less for more or the money that one has saved for a rainy day. For the latter, the hardest thing is to get into the habit of putting aside money into your saving account regularly. It might be easy to do it for a month or two but as you stretch it past six months or a year, it becomes exponentially harder. After all, saving doesn’t give us the same kind of adrenaline rush as spending.

One way to help you get into the habit of cultivating a good saving habit is to set up a regular savings plan. By setting up a regular savings plan, you commit to saving a fixed amount every month the moment your salary gets credited. As humans, we have a weird psychological mentality: Out of sight, out of mind. If you don’t see money leaving your wallet, you don’t feel that the money “belonged” to you. In other words, a regular savings plan helps you to save money without making you feel poorer! At the same time, a regular savings plan will help you invest the savings into high-quality blue-chip shares on the Singapore market. This will not only help you save but also help you to grow your savings.

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