Grocery Shopping at These 4 Places Can Save You Some Money

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Heading for grocery shopping this weekend?

Grocery shopping has become a part of us. To many of us, it is a necessary routine, much like mopping the floor of your home where we rarely enjoy but have to get down to.

Most of us turn to the usual supermarket to get our groceries mainly because the habit of doing so is already instilled in us by our parents. If you are keen to explore your options, breaking that usual routine of getting up on a Sunday morning, heading to the usual supermarket, do check out some of these places and maybe save yourself some money, or at least some trouble.

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Red Mart

Say goodbye to having to queue in line to make payment for your groceries or having to endure those accidental nudges from the crazily packed supermarkets on a Sunday morning. With just a few clicks, one can now purchase his groceries at the comfort of his home while having his Sunday breakfast.

Red Mart delivers your groceries to your doorstep according to the timeslot you chose at your convenience. On top of that, it has a comparative price advantage compared to supermarkets such as NTUC Fairprice for some of the items.

One can enjoy free delivery for orders above $49, which is less than what most families spend every week, but in this case, you save the convenience of lugging your groceries home. The best thing about online shopping is that one can make use of discount codes for their purchases.

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If you belong to the group who prefers to ” suffer” one time and ” relax” for a good period of time, you belong to the type that will fancy a wholesaler.

At a wholesaler, one is able to bulk-buy and stock up and not worry about some of the grocery running out so soon. By purchasing at a wholesaler, one gets to enjoy the economics of bulk purchasing, shaving off dollars from their usual grocery expenses.

Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre

“The early bird catches the worm.”

Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre is one of the more visited wholesalers by Singaporeans having been around for quite some time. The place is known to sell fresh produce and dried goods at a cheaper rate given that it is catered for wholesalers mainly. The only set back is that once have to get up really early should he wish to purchase anything.

The only set back is that one has to get up really early at wee hours should he wish to purchase fresh produce from there, before they are picked up by wholesalers.

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Warehouse Club

The Warehouse Club is the first and only warehouse club in Singapore, catering to groceries and household consumables. It offers savings through value packs, bulking buying and carries certain brands which cannot be found at your usual Fairprice.

Given that The Warehouse Club is set up by FairPrice, Plus! cardmembers can earn Linkpoints with a minimum purchase of $20. One will be able to enjoy free delivery too, should he purchase groceries worth more than $500. The only slight drawback to this is the need to apply for Warehouse Club Membership at a reasonable rate of $50 for 2 years for public, $30 for NTUC FairPrice members.

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“Mai Hiam Buay Pai” ( If You Are Not Picky, It’s Not Bad)

Just like the famous Hokkien saying as mentioned above, if you are not the picky sort and anything is fine as long as you maximise your value for money, you can check out places such as the ValuDollar Store or ABC Bargain Centre founded by Radha Exports. These outlets sell products which are usable but close to their sell-by dates which explain the lower prices they charge.

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