ezbuy Prime Singapore – Guide to Cost of Membership, Pros and Cons

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ezbuy PRIME

ezbuy.sg is a platform that allows you to shop in English for products from websites in China (e.g. Taobao), Korea, the US, and Taiwan, all in one place.

Acting as an agent, they make the order on your behalf, receive, check, and repack it in their local warehouse, and ship it to Singapore for you. For the service, you will need to pay an agent fee (up to 8%) and of course, the shipping costs.

That brings us to what makes ezbuy attractive – it offers a PRIME membership where you pay a flat shipping fee (S$2.99) for every order you check out (China, Korea and US websites only).

ezbuy PRIME membership benefits

1. S$2.99 flat shipping fee

With this membership, you are able to buy as many eligible items in one purchase and pay S$2.99 flat for shipping. It doesn’t matter what size, weight, and quantity your order is.

ezbuy prime

You can buy a sofa, a TV console, a dining table, 10 chairs, and more, and your shipping will only cost S$2.99 via PRIME. You will know whether an item is eligible by looking out for the PRIME button, which you will need to click on when adding to cart.

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2. PRIME Wishlist

ezbuy PRIME Wishlist

The item you want is not eligible for PRIME? If you have the 6-month or annual PRIME membership, you can add non-eligible items from China and USA websites (with a cap, see below) to your PRIME wishlist. Once approved, you can buy that item and ship it with the rest of your order for S$2.99. It’s a super useful feature!

3. 50% off agent fee

Agent fee

As a PRIME member, you will be automatically upgraded to SVIP status and only need to pay a 4% agent fee for your orders when you shop on regular days. This is not that important to me because I usually wait for free agent fee days, which happen quite regularly, to make my purchases.

Pro-tip: Wait for free agent fee days!

ezbuy PRIME membership costs

5-day trial – S$9.90

6-month Prime Lite – S$69 with 24 wishlist items

Annual Prime – S$99 with 42 wishlist items

Pro tip: you can create and share an ezbuy account with your friends and split the membership cost!

Pros and cons



  • Great for big-ticket items and frequent shoppers
  • Shop millions of products from China, Korea, and the USA
  • Super easy to share an account and membership with friends
  • Not all items are eligible for PRIME
  • Can’t miss out anything as it’s S$2.99 shipping per check out
  • Can’t pay with credit card without incurring fees

Let’s talk about the pros first. Put simply, ezbuy PRIME is made for customers who have a lot to buy. Shipping of bulky items just once can cost way more than the PRIME membership price.

ezbuy PRIME

There are also people who buy regularly from Taobao – as frequent as monthly. who can blame them? There’s really nothing you can’t find on this website and at great prices to boot. This group of customers is likely to break even on their membership costs quickly with their frequent shopping.

It’s even more worth the price if you share the account and membership with your friends. ezbuy’s check out interface is really intuitive for multiple users of an account. You can select individual items that have been added to cart and check them out separately.

You can also select your own collection point or shipping address for each individual order. Hence, there’s no need to trouble your friend to help you make an order or collection. Just sign in and do it yourself!

individual pick up for orders

As for cons, as mentioned earlier, not all items are eligible for PRIME. The good news is that millions of products are on PRIME and your regular membership gives you the ability to add those items to your wishlist. I would think 42 wishlist items should be sufficient for most shoppers.

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The PRIME membership is best utilised when you consolidate your items into one order. That’s because every time you check out, you are charged a S$2.99 shipping fee. You lose out if you forget something you need or shop without a strategy!

Lastly, we are a big advocate of using your credit cards wisely to earn rewards and cashback. Unfortunately, you can’t do that on ezbuy without incurring a 3% transaction fee. The only way to pay without being charged more is by bank transfer.

Use Shopback to earn up to 3% cashback


Shopback.sg is a great invention, allowing us to earn cashback in our Shopback account when we shop at partner brands. For ezbuy, you can earn 3% cashback for women’s fashion and 1% cashback for all other purchases. Do note that you have to go to the Shopback website to activate and earn your cashback.


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