Clothes Swapping: A Money-Saving Way to Update Your Wardrobe

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Clothes Swapping - A Money-Saving Way to Update Your Wardrobe

Calling all fashionistas who love the environment as much as their favourite label. Wearing new clothes every day is every girl’s dream come true. However, a sharp pin bursting that bubble is the cost involved. What if you could get some fabulous clothes in exchange for the ones you don’t wear anymore? Sounds super, right? That’s what swapping clothes is all about. Apart from saving loads of money, you will meet many new people as well as do your bit for Mother Nature. All in all, it sounds like a win-win for everyone involved.

What is clothes swapping?

Clothes swapping involves swapping an item of clothing with friends or colleagues. At a swapping event, generally, it is all about clothes. However, there can be accessories, bags, and belts involved too. They are easier to swap as there are no size constraints involved. More often than not, everyone brings a few items and can exchange them for things other people bring along.

The conditions of the exchange are generally decided by the host of the swapping event. Most events have a participation fee that is used to fund snacks and drinks. Any excess is generally given to charity along with all the clothes that don’t get swapped at the end of the event. So, the event is beneficial to society, nature, and your pockets!

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Where can you swap your clothes in Singapore?

Do you love meeting new, friendly people who love clothes as much as you do? Do you want to have a fun evening sipping on cocktails and getting some great items in exchange for the ones you don’t use? If that’s a yes, then participate in one of the many clothes swapping parties that take place across Singapore!

1. Your Clothes Friend Swap: This Facebook group holds many events where you could swap your clothes for some amazing ‘new’ ones. They want you to get all the items you don’t wear anymore, which are of course in a decent condition, and swap them for something you totally love.

You generally would pay S$25 for entry and then take as much as you want! To accompany you, there will be cake, coffee, and a bunch of fun people.

2. Swapaholic: They call themselves, “Singapore’s first online fashion swapping platform to shop unlimitedly without hurting your wallet or the planet.” They have various swapping events throughout the year that sound like a lot of fun. Once in, you will be assigned ‘swaplings’ or swapping points based on the item you have brought along. This ensures that you get a fair item in exchange and keeps problems at bay.

You can give up a maximum of 20 garments at an event. You will have to pay anywhere between S$4 and S$26 depending on the number of clothes you bring along.

Here is how you can go about the swapping:

Swapaholic: Singapore's first online fashion swapping platform to shop unlimitedly without hurting your wallet or the planet

3. Various other organisations such as Fashion Revolution and Connected Threads Asia arrange clothes swapping events across Singapore. Keep an eye on their Facebook pages for details.

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After reading all this, are you tempted to hold a swapping event for your friends or colleagues? Don’t hesitate to do so.

Here are a few tips to host your own clothes swapping event

  1. Decide a date and time that you think will suit most people. A weekend afternoon/evening seems to be the best bet. Make sure you invite people of similar age groups so there is a common taste in fashion, making swapping more successful. Also, decide on the maximum number of people and venue.
  2. Decide how you will ensure a quality check on each item brought for swapping, will you have any tokens or points to warrant fair trades, and what will you do with the clothes which did not get swapped. These points are crucial and need to be sorted out long before the event.
  3. Have clarity on how much you will charge for entry and whether you will have snacks and drinks; and if you do, how will you sponsor them. It will also help if you know how you will promote the event on social media and otherwise.
  4. Decide how you will attractively present the garments and accessories on the event day. If they are just left in a messy pile, nobody will be pleased. So, make a list of items you will need such as hangers, tables, and racks.
  5. Make sure everyone is happy at the end of the event and goes home with the exact same number of items they brought. It is your responsibility as a host that your guests have a fun time and look forward to your next event.

Happy swapping!

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