Citibank SMRT Card Review: The Ideal Card for a Budget Conscious Young Adult

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The Citibank SMRT Card seems ideal for the budget shopper. The card offers savings on groceries, fast food and coffee, online shopping, movies and more. What features and benefits are there? And how does it compare with other credit cards in a similar category? The best way to find out is through our Citibank SMRT Card review.

Citibank SMRT Card Review

Citibank SMRT Card Review: Key features and benefits

Here’s what you can save on with the Citibank SMRT Card:

  • Groceries – Up to 7.3% savings at FairPrice Xtra Kallang Wave. Up to 5% savings at the following supermarkets:
  • Dining & Coffee – Up to 5% savings on fast food and coffee
  • Entertainment – Up to 5% savings on movies
  • Online shopping – Up to 3% savings
  • Health and Beauty – Up to 2% savings
  • EZ-Reload Auto Top-up – Up to 2% savings
  • Bonus savings – You will not be charged a convenience fee on your EZ-Reload Auto Top-up transactions.
Screenshot of the rebates offered by the Citibank SMRT Card


Merchants where the Citibank SMRT Card will give you savings

Groceries Dining Coffee Movies Toys & Books Online Recurring Bills Health & Beauty
FairPrice BreadTalk Coffee Club Cathay POPULAR Online shopping excluding all travel-related merchants EZ-Reload ATU GNC
FairPrice Xtra Kallang Wave Burger King Dome Cafe Filmgarde Toys’R’Us ParticipatingTown Councils Guardian
Giant KFC Gloria Jean’s Coffee Golden Village M1, Singtel, Starhub Nature’s Farm
Sheng Siong Mcdonald’s Starbucks Shaw ACE Insurance NTUC Unity Healthcare
Pizza Hut Coffee Bean Prudential Watson’s
PastaMania TCC SPH newspaper subscription
Sakae Sushi
Toast Box

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But how do you get the full savings?

5% savings is quite a big deal but it comes with conditions. Here are the conditions that you need to meet if you want to get the maximum savings out of this card:

  • Grocery spends requirement – 4.7% savings on groceries will be awarded for transactions above S$50, and 2.7% for transactions less than S$50.
  • EZ-Reload Top-up spend requirement – 1.7% savings on your EZ-Reload transactions that are more than S$30, and 0.7% savings for transactions less than S$30.
  • Minimum monthly spend requirement – You need to spend at least S$300 per month to enjoy the full 5%, 2% or 3% savings on respective categories. Otherwise, you will get 0.3% lesser savings in every category.

Let’s picture it

This is what your savings will look like when you spend using the Citibank SMRT Card:

Category Amount Spent Savings Percentage Savings Amount
Grocery* S$120 2.7%  + 2% + 0.3% S$6
Food/Coffee/Movies S$50 4.7% + 0.3% S$2.50
Health & Beauty S$70 1.7% + 0.3% S$1.4
Online shopping S$90 2.7% + 0.3% S$2.70
EZ-Reload Top-up* S$50 0.7% + 1% + 0.3% S$1
Total S$380 S$13.6

*Take note of the minimum spends per transaction

What your savings on the Citibank SMRT Card mean

The points on the Citibank SMRT Card are offered in the form of SMRT$ which you can redeem at participating merchant outlets, redeem for SMRT$ vouchers, rides and even cash rebate.

The cash rebate conversion is as follows:

  • 5 SMRT$ = S$5 cash rebate
  • 10 SMRT$ = S$10 cash rebate

Here are some of the partner merchants you can redeem your SMRT$ at:

  • Giant
  • POPULAR bookstores
  • Shaw Theatres.
  • Sheng Siong
  • Watson’s

You can accumulate a maximum of 600 SMRT$ within 12 months. In other words, your yearly cashback cap is S$600.

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How does the Citibank SMRT Card compare with other cashback credit cards?

Citibank SMRT Card vs Citi Cash Back Card

The Citi Cash Back Card has been making the rounds in the credit card world by offering high cashback on purchases. While the Citibank SMRT Card offers 5% savings on groceries and fast food, the Citi Cash Back Card offers 8% cashback on groceries and dining worldwide.

So, you might be wondering why shouldn’t you go for the latter instead?

Well, if you’re looking at the Citibank SMRT Card, it’s likely that you are a budget spender because you only need to spend a minimum of S$300 per month to get the best savings on this card. On the other hand, you need to spend a minimum of S$888 per month (almost triple the amount compared to the Citibank SMRT Card) to get 8% cashback.

If you do not meet this requirement, you’ll get a flat cashback rate of 0.25% on all purchases (loss of 7.75% cashback). But with the Citibank SMRT Card, if you spend below S$300, you’ll only lose 0.3% of your savings and can still get up to 4.7% savings.

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Citibank SMRT Card vs UOB Delight, POSB Everyday and OCBC 365

If you get the UOB Delight Card, you’ll enjoy 8% (SMART$) rebate on your grocery shopping at Market Place, Cold Storage and Giant. But, the minimum spend requirement is S$800. If you spend S$400 per month, you’ll get 3% (SMART$) rebate. When you compare it with the Citi SMRT Card, you’re spending S$100 lesser per month and getting 2% more rebate at Giant. Market Place and Cold Storage are not part of the Citi SMRT Card’s benefits.

The POSB Everyday Card offers 5% rebate on groceries (same as the Citi SMRT Card) but only at Sheng Siong. The SMRT Card offers rebates on a wider variety of categories but doesn’t offer any rebates for petrol spends, unlike the POSB Everyday Card.

The OCBC 365 Credit Card offers 3% cash rebate on grocery purchases across all supermarkets in Singapore, 3% cash rebate on online shopping and 6% cash rebate on dining. It also offers cash rebate on petrol and telecommunication transactions. However, if the majority expenses on your card are devoted to grocery shopping, then you’re better off with the Citibank SMRT Card. Also, the minimum spend requirement on the OCBC 365 Card is more than double of the Citibank SMRT Card (S$800 vs S$300). And, if you don’t meet this requirement, you’ll get a flat cashback rate of 0.3% (4.7% lesser than Citibank SMRT Card).

Final thoughts

Citibank SMRT CardCitibank SMRT Card
Card Type: Cash rebate
Annual Fee: S$192.60 (2-year fee waiver)
Apply Now
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Rewards :

  • Up to 5% savings at selected supermarkets, movies, fast food and coffee
  • Up to 3% savings on online shopping
  • Rebates are given in the form of SMRT$

For the budget spender, the Citibank SMRT Card is an ideal option for two reasons:

  • The minimum spend requirement is much lower than similar cards in the market.
  • Even if you don’t meet this requirement, you’ll only lose 0.3% rebate.

With other cards, if you don’t meet the minimum spend requirement, you only get up to 0.5% rebate, whereas the Citibank SMRT Card will earn you at least 4.7%, 2.7% or 1.7% rebate (depending on the spend category)

You can use this card for grocery shopping, fast food binge eating, watching movies to escape your regular life and also online shopping to look fabulous!

So, for those of you out there who don’t like spending too much on your credit cards, the Citibank SMRT Card will definitely be a helpful addition to your lifestyle.

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Citibank SMRT Card Review: Features and Benefits Details
Annual Fee Principal card: S$192.60 (2 years waiver)

Supplementary card: S$96.30 (2 years waiver)

Effective interest rate 26.9% p.a
Eligibility 21 years old and above

Annual income requirement:

  • S$30,000 and above for Singaporeans and PR
  • S$42,000 and above for foreigners

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