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Top 10 New Year Resolutions on Saving Money

Top 10 New Year Resolutions on Saving Money

Saving money – that’s on nearly everyone’s New Year Resolutions’ list almost every year. However, let this year be different. Let this year be the year you actually implement it.

5 Social Enterprises to Shop at and Feel Good

Forget mindless consumerism – shopping with a conscience is where it’s at now. Check out these 5 social enterprises with their beautiful designs and communities that they can support through your purchase.

6 Great Places for Happy Hour Drinks Around the CBD

Looking a few rounds of drinks that will give you a happy buzz? Check out these bars for a fun night out after a long day at work. Here are some places around the Central Business District, where you can go drinking with your colleagues and friends. And enjoy the happy hours at the not-so-unhappy prices.

6 of the Most Affordable Michelin Meals Around the World

With the Michelin Guide redefining itself to include cheap and casual joints, dining at a starred eatery no longer needs to interfere with your monthly budget. From New York, London to Singapore, here’s where you should be going for a treat.

8 Asian Cuisine Restaurants in Singapore That Foodies Will Love

We have all had days when we have cravings. The worst part of a craving would probably be not knowing how to fulfill it and that is where we come in. Whether you are craving for Indian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, or Malaysian cuisine, we have the place for you.

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