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5 Champagne Brunches in Singapore That You Have to Try to Call Yourself a Foodie

In Singapore, you find Michelin starred hawker stalls and Michelin starred restaurants in 5-stars plus everything in between. One of these in-between delights is Singapore’s delicious champagne brunch. Read on for some of the best champagne brunches in the city.

Two Public Holidays in May! 5 Places You Can Visit for an Amazing 2-Week Holiday with Just 8 Days of Leave

Plan a long vacation – and by long, we mean an extended two week break. Here is how. With May Day on the 1st and Vesak on the 10th of May, all you have to do is take 8 days off, add your weekends to the mix, and you are set to visit foreign shores!

5 New Eateries in Singapore That Are Worth Trying Soon!

Singapore has seen loads of new eateries open up in recent times. We are one quarter down in 2017 and if you still haven’t tried these eateries, there is no better time than now!

Top Family-Friendly Eating Spots Your Kids Will Love

Tired of dealing with kid tantrums and costly meals when taking the family out? This list of eating places offer activities for tots and value-for-money meals for both kids and adults.

Make the Most of Your Holidays with These 20 Fun and Offbeat Family-Friendly Activities

With busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, family time has become a precious commodity. Make the moments with your loved ones count. Indulge in these offbeat fun activities that the whole brood will enjoy!

6 of the Most Affordable Michelin Meals Around the World

With the Michelin Guide redefining itself to include cheap and casual joints, dining at a starred eatery no longer needs to interfere with your monthly budget. From New York, London to Singapore, here’s where you should be going for a treat.

5 Fun Activities That Grandparents Can Do with Kids This Summer Vacation

Come vacations, and it is usually grandparents time. And we have some great ideas to make these holidays fun. From aquarium visits, crochet, and reading sessions to making memories the old-fashioned way, it promises to be a packed holiday.

5 Free Housekeeping Apps to Keep Your Home in Order

From offering tricks on DIY home improvement projects to conflict-free assignment of household chores among your lazy housemates, these apps will make your home life easier at no charge.

5 After-School Classes in Singapore to Discover Your Child’s Potential

There are a plethora of post-school enrichment classes for children in Singapore. When and where to expose your child to positive stimuli is up to you, and it has to be a well-informed choice. Here are some after-school classes that are sure to give your child an edge over the others.

8 Asian Cuisine Restaurants in Singapore That Foodies Will Love

We have all had days when we have cravings. The worst part of a craving would probably be not knowing how to fulfill it and that is where we come in. Whether you are craving for Indian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, or Malaysian cuisine, we have the place for you.

How to Date Successfully According to Science

Too many failed dinner and movie dates can break your heart and your bank. Let science guide you in increasing your chances at romance while keeping your date expenses low.

6 New Watering Holes in Singapore That Must Be Visited

With new bars opening at the drop of a hat in Singapore, figuring out which ones to try out can make you a little dizzy – even without drinking. Check out some of the new drinking holes in the Little Red Dot that stand out for their originality of concept.

6 Interesting Hobbies You Can Pick up After Work in Singapore

There is more to life than just work – after all – who wants to be a dull boy? Whether it is to pass time, to add to your personality, or if only to help you discover a hidden aptitude, a hobby can be the best thing that happened to you. Here are some interesting activities that you can spend time on after work.

These 6 Authentic Restaurants Prove That Singapore Is a Cultural Hotpot for Foodies

Here are some classic places where you can dig into authentic tastes from around the world in Singapore.

7 Ways to Propose to Your Special One on Valentine’s Day

Proposing on Valentine’s Day? Make your special moment memorable with these dramatic ways to pop the question. Here are some ideas.