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What you Need to Know About Licensed Moneylenders in Singapore

There are many reasons why approaching a bank for a loan may not be a feasible option for the people on the island. Some of the obvious reasons include – You are a Singapore Citizen (SC) or a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) earning less than SGD 20, 000 per annum You are a foreigner earning… Read More »

How to Repair Your Credit Score

Many of us take our credit score for granted, start making late payments, missing payments etc. for various reasons, but whatever the reason, the result will always be the same – deterioration of your credit score i.e. a poor or below average credit score. Have you ever wondered as to how your credit score can… Read More »

Things to Look Out for When You Need a Cash Loan

Many of us face the midlife financial crisis where our needs triumph our income. There comes a point where we simply have to take out a loan to satisfy those needs. When the time has come for you to look out for a loan, you need to prioritize on the basis of certain innate criteria… Read More »

Six Ways to Move on From a Loan Application Rejection

Rejection is always hard no matter no matter in what form you get it and when it comes to money, rejection can be a real bummer. There are many reasons as to why your loan application has been rejected by a bank or any other financial institution. Three reasons are on the top of the… Read More »

Ways to Improve the Credit Score

If you have a sports car and you are in a race you can easily rev up the engine and feel the difference immediately. However, you need to understand your credit score is not a car. What you may possibly compare with the credit score is your driving record. Not just your present actions, credit… Read More »

Should The Students Pay Off Their Loans Before They Invest?

Several millennials who passed out of college a couple of years ago are starting to think whether they should clear their student loans before investing in something new. There cannot be a common solution to this question. However, every individual can figure out their own path to reach a solution. Basically, repayment of a particular… Read More »

10 Tips to Save Money Effectively

1. Move your checking account to a bank that respects you You should not spend the money you earn in commissions. You should also be able to accrue interest on your account. The interests of current accounts are nothing amazing while those of deposit accounts are about 1% to 2% per annum. And if you… Read More »

5 Tips To Get Rid Of Debt

Are you worried about your debts? Do you want to find out better ways to manage your debts? In the course of time, most people end up accumulating a lot of debts as they have to borrow money for a variety of purposes. Car loans, home loans, education loans, credit card balances etc. add to… Read More »

Tips About Personal Finance For All The Graduates

You can feel that the world is like an oyster when you have recently completed your graduation from a particular college. After all the years of part time jobs or internships, you will now be able to see full time jobs with a substantially good salary on the horizon. However, it could be difficult at… Read More »

Still Deciding on a Personal Loan? We’re Here to Help!

A personal loan can be very helpful in providing you with the financial assistance that you need to go on a vacation, purchase an item of your choice or simply take care of your financial responsibilities. In Singapore, personal loans are regarded as one of the most popular banking products and are offered by most… Read More »

What are Secured and Unsecured Personal Loans?

You want to go on a vacation with your partner this summer or maybe you want to purchase a new electronics item that costs fortune. However, you are not sure you will manage the additional finances required for doing so. Sure, you can always spend your savings or even prematurely withdraw your fixed deposit or… Read More »