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10 Hipster Hobbies to Jio Your Friends to Join

One of the most integral aspects of being a hipster is having a hobby, preferably a retro one. An interest that is far away from the remote-wielding, button-clicking, instant world of today.

6 Interesting Hobbies You Can Pick up After Work in Singapore

There is more to life than just work – after all – who wants to be a dull boy? Whether it is to pass time, to add to your personality, or if only to help you discover a hidden aptitude, a hobby can be the best thing that happened to you. Here are some interesting activities that you can spend time on after work.

25 Free and Fun Things to Do in Singapore

Singapore is often seen as being a very expensive place to live in – but that shouldn’t stop you from having fun because as they say, some of the best things in life are free! Well, it’s true because here are 25 fun things you can do in Singapore without making your wallet feel lighter.