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Bored of the Usual Ang Baos? Here Are 6 Limited Edition Red Packets to Give out This Year

With the Lunar New Year right around the corner, most people rush to the banks to get their red packets, and get money changed. But we don’t want to be giving the same ang bao as everyone else, do we? We’ve sussed out some of the most interesting red packets from past years on Carousell for you. So this year, get your hands on some of the best limited edition packets in Singapore and impress your relatives!

5 Places You Should Visit During the Chinese New Year Weekend

Planning a break from Singapore this Chinese New Year? Most nearby destinations feature on top of travel lists making the idea of a vacation at this time quite daunting. If your definition of an enjoyable weekend excludes the tourist hordes, here are some alternative destinations you can head to.

Fancy Reunion Dinners You Must Book This CNY

Celebrate this Chinese New Year with a lavish reunion dinner with friends and family in Singapore. We tell you the best places to book (and book quickly!) for an extravagant Chinese New Year reunion dinner.

14 Super Surprising Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Everyone wants Valentines Day to be a bit special; they want it to be memorable. The only question is, how do you make that happen? From immersive experiential exhibitions to reliving your childhood on ice, get inspired for Valentine’s Day with these unique date ideas.

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