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Here’s How Startups Can Maintain Their Culture Despite Rapid Expansion

In a borderless world, it makes sense for an agile, growing startup to make the most of perks and create offices, in select cities, that can work seamlessly to produce the best value for the consumer. But with creating work spaces in cities that you have no connection to can be daunting and one of the main concerns companies have is about building the right culture within these offices. Here is a look at how this problem can be approached.

Is Fintech Only for Millennials?

Millennials have created a disruption in the banking sector with their use of mobile devices. They no longer believe in face-to-face business transactions when there are more efficient ways to do it. As a result, Fintech has been thriving in Singapore. So, is Fintech only for millennials?

How Singapore Is Primed to Build Fintech Talent

Singapore has come up with new developments and initiatives to build a stronger pool if fintech talent in the country. Government support, financial and otherwise, has also bolstered the effort to prime local fintech talent; moves which could put it in competition with leading fintech hubs of the world. How? Why? To what end? Lets find out.

3 Reasons Why Collaboration Between Fintech Firms and Banks Makes Sense

Fintech is an up and coming sector in Singapore but for it to really succeed banks and fintech companies will need to work together. So how is it that they can achieve this? How can fintech leverage its expertise which can then be used by the banks? How can they work together to nurture the environment for fintech in Singapore to grow? Lets find out.

7 Careers Where You Can Earn More Money Than Your Regular Job

What if we tell you that you can break free from all the monotony, pursue your passion, and still make more money than your age-old full-time job? Read on to find out which alternate careers you can choose to have a more fulfilling life.

3 Gaps in Banking That Fintech Firms Have Filled

Gone are the days when fintech and banks were seen competing against each other. The new norm is to co-exist and flourish, enhancing customer loyalty and longevity. Here are three areas where consumer needs have been effectively addressed by fintech, ensuring that consumer requirements serve as huge motivation to innovate and solve.

5 Women in Singapore Who Show Us How to Have Successful Careers

These 5 businesswomen in Singapore made it to the lead positions at their organisations and inspire us to lead from the front. They also represent sectors where job opportunities for women are increasing every day.

A Guide to Banking and Credit Card Essentials for New Expats in Singapore

As with any long-term move, it’s important to get your financial essentials sorted soon after you arrive in the country. This article is aimed at steering you in the right direction and in the process, avoid a lot of headache running from pillar to post.

Best Countries Around the World for Women to Work In

In the spirit of the upcoming International Women’s Day, if you could choose to be working in any country around the world other than Singapore, which one would it be? Here is a look at 6 countries that consistently figure in lists of best countries for women to work in; go ahead – make a choice!

The Singapore Economy in 2017: Quick Look at What It Means and What You Can Do About It

It’s already the start of February, and 2017’s fortunes are just beginning to unfurl. While the economy is expected to resemble its 2016 growth pattern, there may be some good news in store. And to make the most of what 2017 has to offer, we give you 3 tips on how you can see it through!

5 Interesting Online Courses to Take in 2017

Your new year’s resolution to pick up new skills will be made easier with these cool online classes that allow you learn anytime, anywhere and cheaply too.

3 Key Traits You Need to Have to Thrive in a Startup

Joining a startup is the ‘in’ thing now. But before you take the leap to become employee number 5, here are some basic traits that you need to possess to rock the startup world.

5 Ways to Be a More Skilled Worker

Use these tips to build up your skill sets and improve your professional standing in the ultra-competitive job market