6 Work from Home Options in Singapore You Should Check Out

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Work from home options in Singapore

More and more Singaporeans are choosing to spend their days working from home. Working from home does not necessarily mean working from ‘home’ in the literal sense; it also translates into working online from the nearest coffee house or hiring a workstation at one of the many co-working spaces that have sprouted in Singapore.

With online and freelance being buzzwords for a while now, working from home has never been easier. Read on for some popular choices.

1. Jobs in tech

What: One of the most popular choices for work-from-home jobs in Singapore are jobs in technology. Since most part of the work is online, operating out of the house is not only convenient but also adds to choice and brings costs down. Tech jobs include design, coding, web development, web search evaluation, typography, logo and icon design, posters, fliers, banners and even interior and industrial design.

Where: Tech jobs are easily available on websites like Freelancer and Upwork.

How much: The average pay for a Web Designer is S$31,000 a year.

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2. Tutorials

What: Tutorials are big on the work-from-home scene and can be held both online and physically from the house. Tutorials may be for a foreign language, test prep, special needs, study courses, or even instructions for an enrichment course. Handicrafts like crochet and other DIY crafts are very popular online.

Where: Tutoring assignments can be found on websites like Champion Tutor, Ace Tutors, Epigami, Craigslist, Freelancer and Upwork.

A variation of tutoring involves actually tutoring from ‘home’, where you can line up appointments for students to come to your house and receive study lessons or classes in a craft or language.

Where: Sign up on websites like Champion Tutor, Tuition Singapore, and Awesome Home Tuition as a home tuition teacher.

How much: A tutor can make up to S$42,000 a year.

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3. Content writing, data entry and surveys

What: If you have a way with words, the online world of content writing is your oyster; and if not then data entry beckons. Writing jobs range from rustling up content for websites to churning out academic papers, press releases, book writing and editing, blogs, and even screenwriting.

Where: Freelancer and Upwork

Data entry involves working with figures on Excel and data processing. You could be handling raw data and dressing it up on a Powerpoint presentation to make it readable. There is also the choice of handling emails and writing ‘thank you cards’ to bookkeeping and website maintenance as a virtual assistant.

Where: Freelancer, Upwork, Jobstreet, and JobsCentral

Another way to keep the cash register clinking while staying at home is by taking surveys – we are talking about the door to door stuff except you can do it online. You can also explore doing online research for companies. Paid per hour, it is good pay for secondary (online) and maybe sometimes primary research (interview-based).

Where: Toluna, Upwork

How much: An Online Community Manager can make about S$40,000 a year.

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4. Virtual call centre

What: Being a virtual call centre involves a fixed schedule and a steady time commitment, but you can decide upon those to suit your needs. If troubleshooting is your forte and you like talking on the phone, then devoting a few hours a day to your job as a virtual call centre worker seems just the right thing to do.

Where: Jobstreet, Monster, Indeed

How much: A Call Centre and Customer Care Executive draws an average salary of S$33,000 a year while the average salary for a Call Centre Agent is about S$23,000 a year.

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5. Transcription and translation

What: Transcription typically involves listening to a given audio and writing down exactly what you hear. There are different kinds of transcription. While legal transcription usually only requires excellent English skills, medical transcription needs a specialized certification. Translation involves receiving a file in one language to be translated into another. You need to be fluent in both languages in question – written and orally.

Where: Translation Services Singapore, Professional Translation Services and Raffles Translation, Freelancer and Upwork.

What you need: Raffles Translation and Professional Translation Services invite freelancers with a minimum of 5 years of translation experience in any field like law, medicine, or finance to sign up.

How much: Usually on a per project basis and highly variable.

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6. Babysitting

What: Looking for a human touch in today’s digital world? Put your profile up on a babysitting/nanny site and you can choose to look after babies and children. How is this working from home? Well, most sites offer different rates and options for babysitting at your own home and babysitting at the client’s home. You can choose to babysit in your own home as long as you are good with the little ones, the environment in your home is safe and conducive, and you have the necessary skill set to take care of, entertain, and feed a child.

Where: Babysitters Singapore, Find a Nanny, and BBnanny are some of the sites where you can advertise and swing a babysitting job.

How much: A typical babysitting at a babysitter’s job 5 days a week for 10 to 12 hours pays between S$750-850 a month.

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