5 Innovative Résumé Styles That Are Sure to Land You an Interview

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5 Innovative Resume Styles That Are Sure to Land You an Interview

Everyone dreams of the ideal job that would make you happy but dreaming about it won’t get you the job. You’ve got to act, develop skills that are worthy of the job and even then, getting into that interview room requires some effort. That effort is your resume.

A resume or a CV as many call it is a summary of your acquired skills, education and experience, and you know what, they almost always read the same! Employers look for resumes that stand out, and when there are heaps of papers or e-mails, if you could break their boredom or monotony, you’ve got one foot in your dream job already. Here are five styles that work best:

Infographic resumes:

If your job is a quantifiable one, an infographic resume will appeal to your recruiter. Let the numbers do the talking, as they say in sales and marketing roles. You can make charts, use pictures and graphs and create a visually appealing page instead of the humdrum text-heavy resumes your competitors send.

An infographic resume shows that you are performance driven and could even help in drawing up lucrative incentive packages if you are selected. Here’s a neat example of an infographic CV.

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LinkedIn page:

It’s better than a word doc resume you generally send to your future employer. Your profile page on LinkedIn connects you to your previous and present employers, allows for colleagues to endorse you on your skills, and if you’ve got recommendations from senior colleagues on your profile, it is good enough to impress recruiters.

Send your recruiter a URL of your LinkedIn profile with a brief description of what to expect and let them research more on the link. Helping them connect to you online speaks volumes for your transparency and they could also stumble on some of their contacts in your profile for a reference check.

Our tip: Send this in conjunction with your regular CV – not in place of it.

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Storyteller CVs:

A resume is an autobiography of sorts —expertly summarized. But unlike a book you could pen on yourself once you become famous, a storytelling style of resume has to engage your employer. The employer should be able to pick up hints of the value of your service once hired so make sure you weave the story accordingly.

Remember, don’t become a fiction writer here; just state the impact of the facts you would otherwise mention in a conventional resume. This Forbes story breaks down the elements for a good storytelling resume.  

Video resume:

If your job involves being in front of a camera, being social at work or even if it requires a little bit of interaction with the people around you, a video resume will impress your recruiter. A video resume requires more effort but could give you a decisive edge as it gives a more personal touch to your job application and allows your recruiter to help connect with you instantly.

A few basics you need to remember are – prepare a script, dress appropriately, look into the camera while talking and speak clearly. Lastly, don’t send a CD or a pen drive with this video; the files are usually too huge and no one wants to risk a virus from an unknown source. Upload it on YouTube or other video hosting websites and share that URL with your recruiter. If you’re looking to get super creative, take inspiration from this video resume below.

Client/Audience-specific CVs:

Every performer needs a receptive audience. If your recruiter is Facebook for example, create a page of your own. If your audience is a sports team, show your competence in a fantasy league, and so on.

Profile pages work well for recruiters because they are more engaging than resumes. It shows that the efforts you have put in aren’t just for the job but you actually care and are passionate about the subject. An even better alternative is to have a website of your own.

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