4 Healthy Lunch Delivery Services for the Office

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Every worker and their teams in the Central Business District hurrying to meet a deadline has succumbed to this – fast food for lunch. After all, a whole range of greasy, crispy, tasty and inexpensive burgers, fries and snacks are just one phone call away. In the next few hours though, you find yourself struggling to stay awake at your desk.

Saving on time and money doesn’t have to come at the cost of your productivity. A whole host of F&B joints and services offer delivery of healthy and yummy meals right to the office. Make your colleagues jealous or ask them to join in by putting an order at these food delivery businesses:


AMGD’s menu includes meals for those avoiding carbs and also carb-loving folks who will rejoice at varied options such as like waffles and wraps. Hate making decisions? Take a look at recommended meal plans on AMGD’s site based on what type of lifestyle you lead or would like to have.

AMGD passes start from $16 but pricier passes give you more value for money as meals are cheaper and you get more meal credits to use in the future. But the biggest selling point of AMGD may be its willingness to ensure that people eat healthy wherever they are. So even if you’re at Tuas, they deliver for free too!

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2. Fitthree

If you’re planning to make a complete change to your CBD diet, look no more than to Fitthree, the culinary choice for gym junkies and fastidious eaters.

Each dish on Fitthree’s menu provides detailed information on its nutritional content, such as a number of calories you’re consuming, the weight of carbs, fibre, fat, protein and every single ingredient that goes into the making of it, down to the type of herbs added for taste.

Sure, you still have to take a trip down to a nearby gym or yoga studio to pick up Fitthree’s delivered meals. But drop-off locations are available outside of the city too, such as at Tampines, Little India, and even as distant as Jurong West and Woodlands. But you surely won’t tire of the menu that changes weekly, encouraging regular customers to return and new customers to enjoy a wide variety of nutritious meals.

More importantly, for the price of your lunches starting at $12.90, you get prime picks put together for you by Fitthree’s dedicated dietician and without any consultation charge too!

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3. Grain traders

It happens – lunch in the boardroom with the client to pore over documents or case files. Instead of having your secretary discreetly ask if your hard-to-impress client in a fancy suit wants to upsize the burger meal, get the secretary to print out the menu for Grain Traders instead.

Sure, the extensive menu may look staggering at first but that means it caters to the fussiest of eaters. Those who pick at their vegetables might even let their guard down a little with a wide selection of greens and also, goldens, reds and other colours, in the forms of dishes such as charred Furikake corn, grilled beets, mixed bean Pico de Gallo, apple kimchi, and roasted butternut squash and sweet potato.

No time to pick between the sauces of tamarind chipotle vinaigrette (yes, all in one), coconut curry, beetroot feta yoghurt, salsa verde, miso caramel and even more? Their signature bowls help you to make an easy decision on the best combination of grains, hot and cold vegetables, toppings, sauces and protein sources.

Hard-nose clients may soften just a little with a Grain Traders lunch treat, which is a deal worth more than the minimum order of $80 for delivery and delivery charge of $20.

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4. Spinacas

Just got the dream client your company has always wanted in your portfolio? It’s tempting to call for pizza for the whole office to celebrate, but instead of treating everyone to an afternoon of carbohydrates and fatigue, try passing out Spinacas’ menu.

Spinacas offers flavourful salads for colleagues on a high-protein and low-carb diet and bento boxes for those who aren’t too particular about carbs. Nutritional information of each dish can be accessed online when making an order too. Expect colleagues to discuss whether they should order the pulled pork bento, the Moroccan spiced chicken bento, the Shiraz braised beef cheeks salad, the vegetarian spiced chickpea patties salad or other dishes.

With delivery charges starting at just $4 and delivery addresses extending from the city to industrial and suburban estates outside of town, your Spinacas suggestion will make everyone in your office happy, wherever you are. You will hit the minimum order of $30 in no time.

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Where possible, pay with your credit card to earn cashback or rewards. Some cards like the DBS Live Fresh Card or the Standard Chartered SingPost Platinum Visa Credit Card are great for online orders. Or you might want to consider dining credit cards too. Visit BankBazaar.sg to find a credit card that gives you the most value for your spending.

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