3 Ways the Spark Joy Tidying Guide Makes You Happy and Saves You Money

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3 Ways Following the Spark Joy Tidying Guide Can Make You Happy and Save You Money

A few months ago, I borrowed the book, Spark Joy by Marie Kondo. I didn’t think that it would help me much but thought the idea was interesting.

Well, after reading the first chapter, I started implementing her tidying process and a light bulb went off in me and I began to see how it can help bring me joy and encourage me to have better spending habits.

3 ways decluttering can transform your life and finances

1. You learn to buy what really sparks joy

The main message of the entire book is to choose what to keep (and not what to throw away). And to decide that, you need to determine what are the things that spark joy in your life.

When I was going through my things, I realised that there were many things that I owned that didn’t spark me any joy (even at the start). In fact, many things were there just because I spent money on them and they were in too good a condition to discard.

How did I end up with things that didn’t bring me joy? It could be because I bought them on an impulse without thinking twice or that they were cheap or on sale (who wants to miss out on a good deal?).

“Tidying up means confronting yourself.” – Marie Kondo

So after going through the tedious process of organising and tidying up a million things, I decided that I don’t want to do it again, at least not at the same scale. I am now careful not to buy joyless things and put myself back in the same situation.

In order to prevent clutter in the first place, you need to learn to buy things that you are sure would bring you joy.

It’s okay that after a few years, you no longer find joy in owning them. What’s important is that you are sure it brings you joy at the point of purchase.

When you are about to purchase something, ask yourself a simple question – “Does this really bring me joy?” You will be surprised how much lesser you would buy just by asking that.

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2. You learn to find multiple uses for everything

Things that spark joy include things that you need in your daily life. But we need many things, don’t we? If everything fulfils just one need, clutter becomes inevitable. The solution? Begin to find multiple uses for every single thing.

Do you really need a new vase when you can use one of the pretty bottles you have collected from your travels? Can a single pot be used to cook most of your favourite recipes? Would you be able to come up with different outfit pairings with a few pieces of clothing?

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When deciding what to buy, try to choose the things that can come in useful in different situations. For example, I have a smart oven at home that can toast, reheat, bake, etc.. For $600, I saved space and the need to spend more money on three different quality appliances.

3. It helps you to keep stock of what you have

When you commit to decluttering say, twice a year or every quarter, you will always know what you have. When you know what you have, you are less likely to buy more of those things. No more of situations like buying a new steamboat only to realise you have one hidden in your storeroom!

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Decluttering and tidying up can really help to change your way of life. Besides mental wellbeing, having control over what you own and buy is also part of good financial management. Start decluttering today!


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