3 of the Best Credit Cards for Bar Hopping in Singapore

By bankbazaar.sg | February 17, 2017

Most of us (myself included), look forward to the weekend to unwind and let go of the stressful work week we’ve had. Be it chilling with work colleagues or with catching up with friends, entertainment especially around food and drinks, makes up an integral part of our socializing. Many of us enjoy a drink or two with our friends. Some of us, a little more. While I’m not advocating the lifestyle of an alcoholic, let’s be honest, no great story starts off with a glass of milk.

As fun as partying can be, there are two unpleasant things that accompany it the following morning. One being a horrid hangover and two, facing the bill you’ve racked up the previous night.

Here are a few credit cards that can possibly provide you some relief when looking at the bill. The hangover part is up to you.


This card has been aptly named for the generation of millennials who seem to have taken over. The YOLO card is an easily accessible card with great benefits. The card puts the happy in happy hours and offers you a one for one deal on drinks at some of Singapore’s leading bars and clubs such as ‘The White rabbit’, ‘Tanjong Beach Club’, and ‘The Rabbit Hole’. Apart from drinks, the card also allows you to purchase 1 for 1 movie tickets at Cathay Cineplexes.

This offer is however, valid only up to 31st March 2017. The card is a cashback card and while it does provide 1 for 1 deals on drinks it also gives you an 8% cashback on weekend dining and entertainment.

The card has an annual fee of S$192.60 and Singaporeans only need to earn a minimum annual income of S$30,000 to apply.

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2. Citibank Clear Platinum Card

While you may have enough drinks to acquire groggy vision, the benefits provided by this card live up to its name.

The card is a rewards card which earns 1 reward point for every S$1 charged to the card, while overseas expenses and foreign currency expenses earn 5 reward points for every S$1 charged to the card.

The card not only earns points on your beverage expenses but also provides you free entry to Zouk and offers a 1 for 1 special on drinks. You will be happy to know that annual fee of S$160.50 is waived for the first year.

3. American Express Platinum Credit Card

This credit card from American Express commands a slightly higher annual fee but is worth it for the deals it provides.

Although the card provides a 1 for 1 drink on only the first round, it does so at multiple outlets. You can get a 1 for 1 deal on the first drink at ‘The Gem Bar’ and ‘The Secret Mermaid’. When you don’t feel like ordering a cocktail or drink you can still receive a complimentary one at ‘Maison Ikkoku’ and ‘The Spiffy Dapper’ and enjoy a complimentary whiskey sampler at ‘Quaich Bar’.

You could visit each of these bars in a night but i’m sure you wouldn’t be in a state to. Apart from instilling a sense of responsible drinking, the card also provides great dining discounts of up to 50% at partner outlets.

For all these wonderful perks, having this card will cost you S$321 yearly and you need to earn a minimum annual income of S$50,000 if you’re a Singaporean national or permanent resident and S$60,000 if you’re a foreign national.

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