5 YOLO Travelling Styles That Anyone With A Young Heart Needs To Try

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5 YOLO Traveling Styles That Anyone With A Young Heart Needs To Try

Given that travel boosts your happiness, satisfaction, mental resilience, and creativity; no wonder it is one of those things that is well-loved regardless of age. On one hand, we have those who travel for leisure, on the other, there are those who look for adventure. While some believe they feel more alive when they travel, there are others who even claim that they feel younger when they travel! Some travel frequently while others occasionally.

Indeed, to each his own and for those who think ‘to travel is to live’, you must try the ‘You Only Live Once’ (YOLO) travelling style.

If you are thinking of turning back the clock on your age, check out these 5 traveling styles. (P.S. It’s not for the old or the faint hearted.)

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1.  The Contiki traveller

5 YOLO Traveling Styles That Anyone With A Young Heart Needs To Try
Source: Art Konovalov / Shutterstock.com

Contiki is the world’s leading travel brand, but for the youth. In a way it is just like the Chan Brothers that most Singaporeans are familiar with, except that it comes with an ‘age limit’ i.e. between 18 to 35 year olds.

One of the reasons why Contiki only caters to youth is because they believe in a concept of #NoRegrets and that some things are best experienced when young. In fact, almost every trip is an adventure of challenging convention and pushing boundaries.

They even have a #NoRegrets travel list with 20 iconic travel experiences, which vary based on the traveller’s personality. From bathing in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, seeing the Pyramids of Giza, to kissing under the Eiffel Tower —Regardless of your travel style, one thing is for sure, you will find something just for you!

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2.  The independent backpacker

5 YOLO Traveling Styles That Anyone With A Young Heart Needs To Try

When it comes to excitement, there is nothing more adventurous than to travel alone to a new place as a backpacker.

When you travel as a backpacker, you get to experience something new every day. Not only will you explore new boundaries, you will also find yourself making new friends on the go. As the sun sets every day, you can reinvent yourself, fall in love with the people, the place, and the activities more than you can imagine. Sometimes, you might even find yourself embarking on a new adventure that you didn’t even think about… Who knows, you might even find your soul mate while on the road!

Also, if you’re thinking of quitting your job to see the world, here are 5 Destinations That Are Worth Doing So!

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3.  The Go-As-You-Wish traveller

5 YOLO Traveling Styles That Anyone With A Young Heart Needs To Try

It is a common practice for any who is travelling to book both his/her return tickets. However, if playing by the book and taking the safe route is not your style, then you might want to try the spontaneous style of travelling.

Instead of booking your return tickets, pack your bags and travel with an open ticket. All you need to do is to book a one-way ticket. Then, let your experiences and mood take over your travel adventure. You could explore another city or choose to stay at the same for a couple more days. You don’t get weighed down by the pressure of meeting trains or flights scheduled months ago; instead, you go with the flow and enjoy every moment of your flexible travel plans.

Just a word of caution, this traveling style might go heavy on your wallet as last minute flight tickets could be super expensive. So, it might be a good idea to look at your budget before embarking on an adventure as you should have the money to come back home!

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4.  The Earn-As-You-Go traveller

5 YOLO Traveling Styles That Anyone With A Young Heart Needs To Try

Singing, basking, magic, teaching, writing, coding, and farming. What do these things have in common? Most of us wouldn’t categorize them together, unless you have experienced the life of an earn-as-you-go traveller.

Unlike the usual traveller, an earn-as-you-go traveller starts off his/her travel journey with an adequate amount. During his/her travel, an earn-as-you-go traveller finds opportunities to make money on the go. For example, you might have seen some travellers showing off their magic skills at populous squares. At the end of their “show”, they will collect tips from the audience. This is all in the name of funding their travel plans.

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5.  The Explorer

5 YOLO Traveling Styles That Anyone With A Young Heart Needs To Try

This travelling style is for those who ditch the conventional traveling destinations like Paris (France), London (UK) and Tokyo (Japan). If you just travel to these popular cities, how can you claim to be YOLO? The number of tourists that stepped foot onto Paris in 2017 alone was already 6 times Singapore’s population.

While you can try to ‘research’ for unconventional travel destinations, the pitfall of a confirmation bias will still linger. It is hard to think out of the box when you already have some pre-conceived ideas of where to travel. If you are really looking for an explorer traveling style, try to look at destinations that are less travelled. Look at the globe or an atlas, ask your friends for new locations, and just imagine being able to visit countries like San Marino, Kyrgyzstan (bet you can’t even pronounce its name) and Malta!

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Pro tip: Anyone who plans to travel is usually financially prepared before they set off on their travel plans. This includes things like buying the local currency from the most value-for-money foreign exchange. However, we suggest carrying your credit cards so that you have a peace of mind in case of mishaps or if you run out of cash.

Moreover, travel credit cards also offer extra benefits and privileges that could be beneficial during your travel or later.

For example, a Citi PremierMiles Visa Card (see review here) could get you so many benefits like priority pass, airport lounge access, travel insurance up to S$1 million, deals on dining, travel, and shopping worldwide.

Likewise, different banks offer a variety of privileges that you could use for air miles, hotel bookings, and more. You must read Best Credit Cards for Travel Benefits 2019 to know about these offers!

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