What is the Price of Love in Singapore?

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In 21st-century Singapore, you may be free to love anyone but love itself isn’t free. At least not when it comes to committing to love. Weddings cost. In case you’re wondering how much, here’s a breakdown.

What is the price of love in Singapore

Before the wedding bells chime, you should know how much getting married will cost you.

1. The proposal

Before the “I do”s, there has to be the proposal. The engagement ring is the priciest item of any proposal. And it has nothing to do with the fact that the ring is usually a diamond one. Kate Middleton’s sapphire engagement ring is worth US$500,000.

For regular folks, expect to spend upward of S$2,000. For that tidy sum, you would be able to get a decent 0.3 carat diamond, the smallest one certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of American). A one-carat ring will set you back by anything between close to S$6,000 and nearly S$40,000, depending on the other 3Cs of the stone (colour, clarity and cut).

How much you should spend on the ring is really up to what you can afford. Forget the age-old (and, might we add, outdated) rule that states you need to spend up to three months’ salary on the ring.

Price: S$2,000 onwards

2. Wedding ring

On top of the engagement bling, you will need to get wedding bands. While less expensive, this time around you need not one but two rings. Prepare to foot between S$500 and S$10,000 per pair.

Price: S$500 onwards

3. Bridal package

There are usually two packages to consider: the pre-wedding photography package and the actual-day package. The first refers to the photo shoot before the wedding and usually includes outfit changes for the bride and groom, make-up and hair styling, a bridal bouquet, and a wedding portrait and album. Expect to pay about S$2,000 to S$4,000.

The wedding day package includes more of the same with corsages, wedding car decorations and photography for the day thrown in. Some bridal boutiques offer wedding planning services as well. This usually costs about S$3,000.

Take a dual package and costs can be reduced to about S$4,000 to S$6,000.

Price: S$4,000 onwards

4. Wedding Banquet

This year, the Julius Baer Lifestyle Index, which shows the cost of luxury goods and services across Asia, ranked Singapore as the sixth most expensive Asian city to hold a wedding banquet. For a wedding dinner at a hotel, the cost is between S$1,200 and about S$2,200 per table. You will need at least S$24,000 to hold a mid-sized wedding dinner for 200.

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Price: S$24,000 onwards

5. Wedding Day

You will need a place to solemnise your wedding. The Registry of Marriages is the cheapest, though not the most romantic, option. It’s technically free. The solmeniser doesn’t need to get paid. The S$26 fee is for the registration of your marriage.

If you want something more memorable, it’ll cost. Most places require a minimal four-hour booking. Prices can go from S$900 to S$20,000 (for the North and South Garden of Marina Bay Sands’ Sands SkyPark).

Church weddings are mostly only for members. Only a few churches allow non-member believers to use their premises for a small donation (usually less than S$500).

With the location settled, you will need to consider catering. This can be from S$13 per pax for a minimum of 200 to as much as over S$50 for a minimum of 50 pax.

And since this is Singapore, you can’t forget the angbaos (money-filled red packets). From helpers – wedding coordinator, maid of honour, bridesmaids, best man, groomsmen, flower girl, ring bearer, emcee, solemniser, ushers, drivers, hair and make-up artist, photographer, videographer, musicians – to parents, all need some monetary token. The going rate is S$18 to S$250 for helpers. For parents, let your conscience be your guide.

Price: S$900 onwards (for location) + S$2,600 onwards (for food) + S$2,000 onwards (for helpers)

6. Honeymoon

By now, you would have spent, at the very least, about S$36,000. Assuming you still have the budget for it, there’s the honeymoon. You can go for a modest Asian destination for S$2,000 and under. Or, be adventurous and go further afield to Europe or the US. These will require S$10,000 and more.

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The conclusion? You will need at least S$38,000, if not more, to get hitched in Singapore. That’s the price of love here. Start saving.

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