Top 5 value-for-money tech buys right now

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Value for money tech right now

At the pace with which technology feels dated and is bettered, sometimes spending an arm and a leg on the latest tech in town may not be the wisest move. If you are a discerning tech shopper, you’d pick your gadgets wisely, but there are so many options out there in the deep tech world, so we’ve narrowed them down to simplify your decision making.

1. Phone: OnePlus 6

OnePlus6OnePlus may be just a five-year-old company with as many new phone launches in its life, but the 6 comes with the brand value as high as any flagship phone available in the world. It’s fast, looks and feels more expensive than it is and has a much-improved camera than before, good enough to give the Google Pixel 2 XL and Apple iPhone X a run for their money.

The OnePlus 6 also gets the edge-to-edge screen with a notch, which is the latest trend in smartphones. OnePlus has called its phones as flagship killers in the past but with prices increasing with each model year, you may not enjoy the same value for money (VFM) package in the coming years. Now is your best shot.

Approx price: SGD 688

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2. Drone: DJI Spark

DJI Spark

Phones and cameras are must-buys for a tech freak. Drones, well, they are an indulgence. But if you are artistic and like bird’s eye views, nothing creates as much drama as a drone shot, whether it’s a video or a photograph. For a beginner, flying a drone isn’t that easy so start small with the DJI Spark. It weighs around 300gm and comes a small bag that’s easy to carry around.

It may be for beginners, but the quality is far from amateurish. Tech like a 2-axis gimbal and 1080p video quality won’t disappoint as a personal device. If you are considering a professional grade drone for work, hone your skills on the Spark first.

Approx price: SGD 559

3. Laptop: Asus TUF F504

ASUS TUF Gaming FX504

The cool thing to suggest would be something from Apple or a Dell XPS 13 for every professional out there. But you already know that. They are great for snob value and charge you for that as well. But get a gaming laptop and you hit two birds with one stone – performance and work.

Gaming laptops need high-end performance, this Asus, for instance, comes with the Intel i7 Hexa-core processor, 8GB of RAM, a 4BG Nvidia GTX 1050Ti graphics card that’s good for 80FPS and a robust body with a backlit keyboard. It costs much lesser than the wafers you call laptops, and none of them get these specs in a bundle. So shun the snob and do the job.

Approx price: SGD 1798

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4. TV: Samsung UA55KS7000

Samsung KS 7000

The television industry has well and truly entered into the Smart TV phase. If you love tech and like to stay connected, you just can’t keep away from it. It’s the most affordable of Samsung’s flagship set of TVs and comes with all the goodies you’d expect of a high-end OLED television. Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology (nanocrystal tech) boasts of a billion colours, ensuring life-like TV viewing.

The TV is super slim with very small bezels, which is why most of the controls are in a separate box, called the One Connect box. It’s great for a wall mounted unit because it hardly takes any space, almost like a painting. The only drawback is average sound quality, so we’d recommend investing in a good soundbar when you buy this TV.

Approx price: SGD 3662

5. Camera: Fuji Film X-T10

Fujifilm X-T10

Not everyone wants a big DSLR camera to lug around when you are on a vacation. The weight and space these cameras take make them only essential when you are a professional photographer. The advantage of a DSLR though is in the picture quality and wide adjustability in its settings. The good thing is that the X-T10 has a fair bit of that customization packed in, is very user-friendly, and comes with an APS-C sensor.

The lovely retro design adds to its charm. Compact system cameras are catching up to DSLRs, and with most of the world embracing digital mediums over print, the value of the DSLR is slowly diminishing. If you take photographs for a living, it would be absurd to consider the X-T10, but for the others, the value in one is just too hard to resist.

Approx price: SGD 720 (body only)

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