UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card Review: Go Beyond Miles and Travel Benefits

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UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card

Do you remember the UOB Visa Infinite Card? The one that had an annual income requirement of S$350,000 and an average dining programme?

Well, if you don’t remember the card, don’t worry too much because UOB has relaunched this card. And everything is different!

Like a phoenix from the ashes, the UOB Visa Infinite Card has risen and it now sports a brand new look. It is now a metal card.

And is officially called the UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card.

So, what does a card that promises style and substance give you?

Let’s find out!

Who is the UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card for?

  • People who enjoy luxury dining.
  • People who enjoy travelling.
  • Those looking for exclusive lifestyle perks.

What are the features of this card?

  • 2 miles per S$1 spent overseas.
  • 1.4 miles per S$1 spent in Singapore.
  • Enjoy unlimited Singtel ReadyRoam plan across 56 countries.

Let’s break it down to see if this card is the one you should get.

1. 2 miles per S$1 spent overseas

This hasn’t changed from the old Visa Infinite Card. Your overseas spends used to get you and still get you UNI$5 for every S$5 you spend. This translates into 2 miles per S$1 you spend in a foreign currency.

Apart from the Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card which offers 3 miles per S$1 spent overseas (for spends above S$2,000), the miles earning rate on UOB’s Visa Infinite Metal Card is almost the same when compared to other Visa Infinite cards.

2. 1.4 miles per S$1 spent locally

It isn’t just the face of the card that has changed, but so has the miles earning rate on local spends.

It has increased to 1.4 miles from 1.2 miles which is the highest miles earning rate amongst its competitors (cards which have an annual income requirement that falls between S$120,000 and S$150,000). So, we won’t complain.

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3. Unlimited Singtel ReadyRoam

Okay, we’ll be honest, this was one of the features that got us excited about the UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card and if you travel often, this feature is a godsend.

Basically, if you already have a Singtel postpaid plan, all you need to do is set up a recurring bill payment for your mobile on your card. Once this is done, you will receive a cash rebate equal to the amount for which you have activated 3 months from the date of activation.

You can choose from three different plans and receive 1GB data for a period of 30 days. Each activation is valid only for 30 days, and you get a total of 12 per year.

If you exceed the 1GB data limit, though, the amount exceeded will be charged to your card.

Like we said earlier, this is where UOB has differentiated itself from other credit cards seeing that this is the only credit card to currently offer this benefit. And the fact that you can stay connected across 56 countries, is great!

Here is a snapshot with the list of countries where you can use Singtel ReadyRoam:

UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card

Source: UOB website

Depending on the country you visit, this plan will cost you anywhere from S$12 to S35 per GB. So, a rebate of this amount is a great saving. Especially if you travel often.

The only downside we see is that this benefit is quite useless if you aren’t a Singtel customer.

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Dine in luxury

If you have read any of our reviews earlier, you would know that we don’t usually give a benefit a separate heading unless it truly is something special. And the dining benefits on the UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card are befitting of this separate heading.

Are you ready gourmands?

The Gourmet Collection

It goes without saying that as a Visa Infinite Metal Card holder, you have a taste for the finer things in life. Well thanks to UOB’s understanding of your refined tastes, you get to enjoy VIP hospitality and services courtesy of the private dining and lifestyle club of IHG hotels.

Ordinarily, if you wanted to be a member of the Gourmet Collection (GC) programme, you would need to shell out a S$388 annual membership fee. But thanks to your UOB card, this membership fee is waived for the first year.

So, what does a GC membership entail?

  • 2 complimentary glasses of house wine at participating bars and restaurants during your first visit.
  • 15% off the best rates available at participating hotels.
  • 25% savings on your food at participating bars and restaurants.

In fact, if you spend S$1,000 at participating hotels, your membership fee for the following year will be waived. And if you aren’t able to meet that limit, not to worry! You can still renew your membership for the GC programme at a discounted rate of S$68.

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Grand Hyatt Singapore

On weekdays and Saturdays, you enjoy discounts at participating restaurants at Grand Hyatt Singapore with a minimum of 2 adult diners and 2 main courses.

So, how do you dine in style (and still save money) at Grand Hyatt? Here’s how:

  • You get up to 50% off your lunch bill at Pete’s Place, StraitsKitchen, and Oasis (valid until 31 December 2018).
  • Up to 30% off your weekday lunch bill at mezza9 on a la carte and set menu.

Source: UOB website

Indulge your taste buds at celebrity chef restaurants across the globe

If you travel the world frequently (which you probably should, with this credit card in hand), you get to enjoy dining privileges that are unparalleled. And not just in Singapore, but across the world. From discounts to a complimentary glass of wine as well as access to priority booking at restaurants helmed by the finest chefs in the world, the UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card has it all!

UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card

Source: UOB website

And the gastronomic delights don’t end here! (We told you that there was a reason we decided to give the dining privileges on this card its own heading).

Resorts World Sentosa

Spend a minimum of S$200 at any one of the nine participating restaurants and enjoy 20% off on the a la carte lunch and dinner menu.

What’s more, you also get to enjoy free parking from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. with no minimum spend at all.

And if you do spend S$200, you get to enjoy free valet service and all-day parking from 6:00 p.m. onwards.

UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card

Source: UOB website

The Dining Advisor

Tired of dining at the same old places? Looking to whet your appetite at a new place or try a different type of cuisine?

Well, all your searches are about to come to an end thanks to UOB’s Dining Advisor. You can log on to the website and get insider access to reviews by celebrity chefs and food critics as well as some great dining deals!

UOB gourmet stories

Until 8 June 2019, you get the privilege of enjoying dining experiences exclusively created for you from 6 restaurants. Starting every first Wednesday to Saturday of each month, you not only get to taste these creations but you also get to listen to the inspiration behind your meal!

UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card

Source: UOB website

What are the other infinite possibilities?

  • Have all of your needs taken care of by UOB’s travel concierge service. Booking made via this service can earn you a whopping 10 miles for every S$1 that you spend on cruises, travel packages, hotels, and flight bookings.
  • Get up to 4 complimentary visits each year to around 1,000 airport lounges across the globe with the Airport Companion program by Dragonpass.
UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card

Source: UOB website

  • Access to UOB’s Visa Infinite Concierge service for all of your needs from luxury purchases to making sure you get to dine at a Michelin-starred restaurant.
  • Access to a 24-hour toll-free dedicated medical concierge service. The medical concierge includes services such as making arrangements if you are to be admitted to a hospital and scheduling appointments.
  • Skip the queue and enjoy preferential banking services with UOB Privilege Banking at any UOB branch worldwide.
  • Enjoy home, vehicle, and travel protection and assistance courtesy of UOB Visa Infinite Assistance Services and Insurance.
UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card

Source: UOB website

  • Access to member-only clubs such as the Tower Club Singapore and The China Club, Singapore.
  • Enjoy complimentary membership to Keyyes luxury lifestyle club and get premium brands at preferential prices. This is a promotional offer and is valid until 31 December 2018.
  • Daily 2-hour access for you and a guest at UOB private lounges in Bangkok.
UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card

Source: UOB website

  • Access a host of services and facilities at all times with the Visa Concierge mobile application.

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  • Enjoy complimentary green fees along with 1 guest (your guest will have to pay green fees) on weekdays at Sentosa Golf Club with the Visa Golf Programme. You also get to enjoy 30% off green fees at participating golf clubs in the Southeast Asian region.
  • If you need money to fund your dream expenses, look no further than UOB’s Visa Infinite Payment Facility. This service truly is the best of both worlds, since not only do you get access to money but you also earn 1 mile per S$1 that is approved. You will have to pay a 1.9% one-time administration fee. This fee will be charged to your UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card.
  • Enjoy the best in luxury with the Visa Luxury Hotel Collection.
UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card

Source: UOB website

  • Get up to 10% savings on Hertz car rental services and up to 35% savings on Avis car rentals.
  • Enjoy up to USD1 million complimentary travel insurance for both you and your spouse.
  • Enjoy purchase protection up to S$10,000 if any product you buy is accidentally lost or damaged.
  • Experience the world like a local with The Travel Insider. Get exciting deals as well as travel content to help you plan your next getaway!

How does the UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card compare to other Visa Infinite cards?

UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card HSBC Visa Infinite Card OCBC Voyage Card SCB Visa Infinite Credit Card
Earnings on local spends 1.4 miles per S$1 – 1 mile per S$1 spent (regular earn rate)

– 1.25 miles per S$1 spent (step up earn rate)

– 1.6 miles per S$1 spent on local dining

– 1.2 miles per S$1 spent on retail spend

– 1.4 miles per S$1 (minimum monthly spend of S$2,000 and above)

– 1 mile per S$1 (minimum monthly spend below S$2,000)

Earnings on overseas spends 2 miles per S$1 – 2 miles per S$1 spent (regular earn rate)

– 2.25 miles per S$1 spent (step up earn rate)

2.3 miles per S$1 spent – 3 miles per S$1 (minimum monthly spend of S$2,000 and above)

– 1 mile per S$1 (minimum monthly spend below S$2,000)

Promotional earnings 10 miles per S$1 spent on selected bookings made via UOB’s travel concierge 10x HSBC Rewards points at selected merchants
Expiry of points UNI$ expire in 2 years Rewards points expire at the end of 37 months VOYAGE Miles do not expire Points do not expire
Annual fee S$642 – S$650

– S$488 (for HSBC Premier customers)

Starting from S$488 to S$3,210 S$588.50
Minimum annual income requirement S$150,000 S$120,000 S$120,000 – S$30,000 (for citizens/Permanent Residents who are Priority or Private Banking customers)

– S$150,000 (for all other citizens/Permanent Residents)

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So far, the UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card seems like a great card to have since it rewards almost everything that you do. But like with all credit cards, it isn’t without its faults. These are the things we would have liked:

  1. Unlimited access to airport lounges instead of just 4
  2. UNI$ that don’t expire
  3. A more affordable minimum spend to be eligible for complimentary airport transfers, which is currently priced at min. S$5,000 spend on travel packages booked by UOB’s Travel Concierge.

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Here’s what we think

If a credit card that earns miles at an accelerated pace is what you are looking for, then this isn’t the credit card for you. It isn’t the card for you if you are not a frequent flyer either. There really haven’t been too many changes from the old version with respect to the miles earning rate (something we mentioned right in the beginning).

That being said, if you are looking for a credit card with great dining privileges and amazing concierge services, then you should seriously consider getting the UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card. We still haven’t seen another credit card that will take care of your electrical or plumbing repair works!

Moreover, the card is a metal card so it looks good and is sure to make more than one person do a double take.

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