Top Places to go Skydiving in Asia

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Top Places to go Skydiving in Asia

When you think “skydiving”, you’ll probably think of locations like Australia, New Zealand, Dubai or South Africa. There’s actually no need to spend that much on an air ticket when there are some great options in our geographical backyard. Check out the top places to go skydiving in Asia – no experience necessary!


Check out: Nusawiru Paracenter

Nusawiru Paracenter

Image source: Nusawiru Paracenter

IDR4,500,000 (SGD$458) for a tandem dive.

Nusawiru Paracenter offers you the biggest bang for your buck by including simple accommodation for a 2D1N stay, transport to the dropzone, and lunch on the day of the dive.

You’ll be soaring through the airspace above picturesque West Java, which by the way, you should visit even if you weren’t skydiving – it’s such an underrated travel location.

You’ll start off with a briefing before heading into the aircraft for your adventure. At the end of it all, you’ll be presented with a video and photos of your dive.

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Check out: Thai Sky Adventures

Thai Sky Adventures

Image source: Thai Sky Adventures

THB10,950 (SGD$446) for a tandem dive.

With Thai Sky Adventures, the more buddies you have with you skydiving, the cheaper the price will be – all the way to THB8,900 (SGD $362) per person if you rock up with a crew of 10.

The drop zone is located between Pattaya and Bangkok, and up in the air, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of the Gulf of Thailand as well as beautiful coastlines of the country’s beaches.

Photos of the jump cost extra and start from THB3,500 (SGD$143), photos and a video will start from THB$4,500 (SGD$183).


Check out: Skydive Langkawi

Skydive Langkawi

Image source: Skydive Langkawi

Prices yet to be confirmed.

This popular company closed temporarily at the start of 2017 to improve on operations, much to the disappointment of some of their clients. They’re slated to reopen in November 2017, with a priority list already growing. The main draw in skydiving with this company is being able to land on an island beach – the only one in Asia. Imagine the view of boundless seas, dotted by islands – the experience would be quite unforgettable indeed.

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Check out: Skydive Cebu Adventures

PHP18,000 (SGD$484) for a tandem dive.

Imagine seeing the vastness of the deep blue waters and gorgeous sandy coastlines from way above Bantayan Island, a small island north-west of Cebu. A tandem-dive will take about 2 hours in total – from the check-in at Bantayan Island Airport to receiving your photos and videos (bring a USB stick!) after the exhilarating experience.

You’ll learn a little bit about the basics of skydiving, like how to exit the plane, freefall, pilot the parachute, and how to land – all while strapped to an instructor qualified by the United States Parachute Association.

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