Top 6 Destinations to Travel From Singapore Between Aug and Oct

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Are you staring at your Instagram travel pictures a little too longingly? Is the sunhat on the shelf talking to you? We have news. Wanderlust has struck! If it is time to travel again, we have a list that brings the best of weather, budget and festivities from August to October. It is finally time to go where the heart desires.

Give in to wanderlust and check out these 6 amazing places from August to October

1. Get entertained

Where: Edinburgh, Scotland

When: August

Why: Edinburgh Fringe Festival from 3 August to 27 August 2018

With June to August as the designated best time to visit Edinburgh, expect the best weather and teeming crowds. And why are we suggesting this as a destination? Because August is also when the city hosts one of the largest festivals anywhere in the world – the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Travel Destinations-Edinburgh_Fringe_037This annual festival is a crazy mix of the far-out, the ordinary and everything in between. An unabashed celebration of arts and culture, last year’s festival showcased some 53,000 performances over 3,000 shows.

The Edinburgh International Festival and a book festival in Charlotte Square add to the entertainment menu in the city. You will also find seasonal food stalls and bars that sprout across the city, for some gastronomic pleasure.

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2. Enjoy the weather

Where: Melbourne, Australia

When: September, October

Why: Shoulder season, budget deals

Melbourne is a city best enjoyed outdoors. Explore it on foot or on a bike, picnic in its pretty parks, top up on caffeine in its iconic laneways, sample the city’s cocktail menu on its quirky rooftop joints, and spend pleasant days barbequing or attending a match event in the sport-mad city.

Melbourne_Travel Destinations

Image source: lionelng

And if you add ‘The Melbourne Festival’ held in the first three weeks of October to the mix, that’s a lot of city to do!

So why plan a trip in October, and not during its famous summer months? September-October is spring time in Melbourne which means pleasant weather, good deals on airfare and hotels, and definitely less crowds.

What better way to enjoy an outdoorsy city than during shoulder season, when you have the place to yourself – in good weather – for less?

3. Tank up on beer

Where: Munich, Germany

When: September, October

Why: Oktoberfest

Germany_Travel Destination

Watch a city transform into a beer garden as the world-famous beer festival draws people from around the world to its streets. Local brews are consumed by the gallon, accompanied by sauerkraut, Weisswurst and other local recipes.

Folk music and traditional Bavarian gear add to the festive mood. While up-season in Germany – as in most of Europe, is summer – October is usually calmer in terms of crowds, airfares and hotel prices.

But this is not the case in September end and beginning October in Munich. If you are hoping for a reasonably priced spot in the beer gardens of Munich, book way in advance, prices during Oktoberfest are nothing short of astronomical!

4. Grab that deal

Where: Honolulu, Hawaii

When: October

Why: Holiday for less

Deal alert! Hawaii is quite the year-round destination, given that considerations range from sunny weather for tourists to the surfing calendar for sporting events. If you’re visiting simply because you want to check out Hawaii for less, October is the time to head there.

Hawaii_Travel Destinations

Bang in the middle of shoulder season, Honolulu is less crowded. Airfares and hotels go for a lot cheaper than during other months and the country hosts loads of festivals in the hope of keeping the off-season lot entertained.

Keep an eye on bargain packages. With no surfing competitions scheduled at this time, you should be able to swing a great deal and find top of the line accommodation in Honolulu quite easily.

5. Experience the Mediterranean

Where: Valletta, Malta

When: September, October

Why: Valletta is The European Capital of Culture for 2018

Malta_Travel Destinations

Malta, in all its Mediterranean splendor, is lots of history and heritage. With Valletta the capital city having been declared the European Capital of Culture for 2018, expect the city (which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site) to be spruced up and eager to host.

Look forward to cultural events and entertainment programmed specifically for this calendar year – Valletta with its multi-cultural mashed up heritage will be special. September and October will be cool and quiet, perfect for a relaxed, off-season holiday in a city which best reveals itself during a walk.

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6. Bang for your buck

Where: Istanbul, Turkey

When: September

Why: The Singapore dollar rocks the Turkish Lira at a 3.40 to a dollar

Looking for a great place to throw your exchange rate weight around? With the SGD in your pocket, it’s not very difficult, but may we suggest you head to Istanbul? The Turkish Lira exchanges for a generous 3.40 to a dollar, taking you a long way in Turkey.

Turkey_Travel Destinations

Exchange rate as of 12 June 2018

So whether it is those silk carpets you’ve been eyeing or that prowl in the famed bazaars that has been on your mind, good ol’ SGD will support your shopping trip. September in Istanbul presents itself with clear skies and pleasant weather, autumn being shoulder season and low rates only add to your exchange rate bounty!


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