SC Spree Credit Card Review: Online Shopping Cashback + No Min. Spend

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Standard Chartered has recently replaced its SingPost Platinum Visa Credit Card with the Spree Credit Card and we need to know if it’s an upgrade! When you think of the word “spree” what is it missing? Exactly – you can’t think of “spree” without the word “shopping”. And that is exactly what’s on offer with the Standard Chartered Spree Credit Card.

SC Spree Credit Card Review: A fuss-free online shopping credit card with no minimum spend

Standard Chartered Spree Credit Card Review

Cashback benefits of the SC Spree Credit Card

Most cashback credit cards impose a minimum monthly spend of between S$300 – S$1,000. But with the SC Spree Credit Card, there are no minimum monthly spends required to get:

  • 3% cashback on all online purchases in foreign currencies and all vPost spends
  • 2% cashback on all online purchases made in local currency and all contactless payments and mobile payments
  • 1% cashback on other retail spends

Cashback is capped at S$60 monthly.

Other notable benefits and offers by the SC Spree Credit Card

Online price guarantee

With the online price guarantee, if you buy a product online and find the same one on another website within 30 days, you will get a refund of 50% of the price you paid for it (up to S$250). But remember, the minimum price difference must be S$50.

vPost discount

20% off with the SC Spree Card.

Uber promotion

You will continue to enjoy cashback on your Uber rides until 30 September 2018. But to get this perk, you need to spend minimum S$900 per month.

Sign-up offer

New Standard Chartered principal Spree cardholders who make 5 qualifying transactions on Apply Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay will be eligible to receive up to S$120 cashback. More details here.

So, who is the SC Spree Credit Card for?

The Spree Card is especially beneficial for budding entrepreneurs who buy small quantities of overseas products online and sell it in Singapore; and shopaholics who aren’t satisfied with what shopping in Singapore has to offer. There are 3 reasons for this:

  • All your overseas shopping will earn you 3% cashback, even if you don’t spend much
  • If you use vPost to get your products shipped to Singapore, you will earn an additional 3% cashback.
  • You will enjoy 20% discount on vPost shipping charges.

In addition, if you’re a savvy young adult who does many of your daily transactions online or through your phone, this card is appealing too because it gives you 2% cashback on local online/mobile spends, and has no minimum spend.

How does the Standard Chartered Spree Credit Card compare with other credit cards?

The SC Spree Card’s primary benefit lies in online shopping. Online purchases in foreign currencies to be exact. However, having no monthly minimum spend requirement puts its cashback benefit at a disadvantage when compared to cards like the OCBC Frank Card or BOC Family Card. Hence, we think that the comparison needs to be made between cashback cards with no minimum spend requirement, such as:

The SC Spree Card has a slight edge over the credit cards above and here’s why – the Spree Card offers more cashback when you spend online. It doesn’t fare too shabbily with your general retail spends either.

Having said that, the beauty of these few credit cards is that you don’t have to pick only one! Since these cards have no minimum spend, we recommend that you use the SC Spree Card in combination with an HSBC Advance Card, Amex True Cashback Card or SC Unlimited Cashback Card. Use the Spree Card for online spends, and another card for your other retail spends.

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In conclusion, there are 4 reasons we think the Standard Chartered SingPost Spree Credit Card is worth considering

SC Spree Credit Card - benefits and features

  • Spends on the online category is not limited to grocery shopping, travel bookings, hotel bookings, etc.. The wide-ranging coverage for online spends in SGD will earn you 2% cashback and spends in foreign currency will earn you 3% cashback.
  • You can earn cashback without having to worry about meeting a minimum spend requirement.
  • All other retail transactions will earn you 1% cashback which is higher than what most other cards in the market offer. (For instance, Citi Cash Back Card offers 0.25% and OCBC 365 Credit Card offers 0.3% cashback on other retail purchases).
  • Your large online transactions are protected with Online Price Guarantee.

Are you thinking of getting the Standard Chartered Spree Credit Card? What do YOU like most about it?

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Standard Chartered Spree Card Review: Features and benefits Details
Annual Fee Principal card: S$192.60 (2 years waiver)
Effective interest rate 25.9% p.a
Eligibility 21 to 65 years old

Annual income requirement:

  • S$30,000 and above for Singaporeans and PR
  • S$60,000 and above for foreigners with EP
Card features
  • 3% cashback on all online purchases in foreign currencies and all vPost spends
  • 2% cashback on all online purchases made in local currency and all contactless payments and mobile payments
  • 1% cashback on other retail spends
  • Online Price Guarantee

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