How Much Will You Spend This World Cup Season?

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How Much Will You Spend This World Cup Season-FIFA

It is that time of the year again. FIFA World Cup 2018 kicks off on June 14th in Moscow and with that begins a whole month of football fever. Expect the sports bars to be noisy, colleagues to be distracted, cable TV bills to be higher, that couch in front of your TV to sink lower and the feeling of something burning in your pocket.

To determine the size of the hole, you need to first ask yourself what your World Cup style is. Do you like to watch it at home with no distractions or is it no fun unless you are screaming your lungs out with fifty other fans? Chances are that you might want the old mix & match and a little bit of everything. So, here’s how the month is going down.

You have been forewarned, a month of expenses coming up!

Cable subscription

Due to the time difference between Russia and Singapore, all live matches will be shown after dark or at least after 6:00 p.m. in Singapore. Some will even start at 2:00 a.m. So if you want to make sure that you don’t miss any of the matches important to you, your best bet will be to get a cable subscription in place. If you book before May 23, you can get the StarHub subscription for all 64 matches live for an early bird price of S$94.16. the usual price from the 24th onwards is S$112.35. To stream the matches online, you can get a StarHub Go pack at S$118.98 or at the early bird price of S$94.16.

Bar Bites and Beers

Thinking of heading to Muddy Murphy’s after work? Sounds like a plan! Nothing like a good game of football with beers and chips. Expect to pay S$30 for 2 pints. If you start to feel peckish, you can order pub classics like bangers & mash or fish & chips for S$16-18. If that doesn’t cut it for you, the steaks are priced at S$28. That’s S$58 for one match, thank you very much. Would you also like to book a GrabCar to get home?

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Work Affected

Your favourite team will not be playing all its matches at the most convenient times, which means that you may be tempted to call in sick at work the next morning (and then be caught, because everybody in office knows you were watching the World Cup until the wee hours of the morning), or you will use your personal leaves for your dream team. The average annual salary in Singapore is S$67,152, which comes to S$5,596 a month or S$191 a day. That’s the value of each day that you take off from work!

It doesn’t even stop there. Are you about to close a big deal? Perhaps the bonus is for your next family holiday. Well, seal the deal before June 14th in case you or your team or even your client gets on this bandwagon!

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Do you count shopping as one of your weaknesses and are trying to cut down on it? Do you find it hard to resist the lure of the ‘just in’ section on most online shopping sites? We already know that you are a FIFA World Cup fan cause you made it this far into the article, so if you said yes to either of the questions, we suggest you do not click on this link, which will take you to the official FIFA merchandise store.

Couldn’t help it? You can still keep your spending in check. Panini stickers start at as low as 99 cents and you can get your team’s T-Shirt for less than S$10 too. On the other end of the spectrum are jerseys signed by Ronaldo, Messi, Pele & Neymar. Always been a dream to own one? It is yours for just S$699.99.

How can your credit card help you save during the World Cup season?

You’ll need a credit card that gives discounts or cashback for your cable subscription, dining, and online merchandise spends. If you ask us, the BOC Family Card looks like a good bet. The card gives you 10% cash rebate on dining, and 5% rebates on telco bills and online spends. Alternatively, you could consider the HSBC Revolution Credit Card for 5X rewards on local dining and entertainment, and online spends.

Whatever your World Cup style may be, don’t forget to have fun. It is going to be a whole month of world-class football. May the best team win!


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