Spa Vacations That You Must Book in 2018

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Spa Vacations That You Must Book in 2017

Escape the stresses of daily life with a spa-cation – whether it’s wellness, detox, weight loss or plain old relaxation that you’re looking for, these spas have it all, and more! Let your 2018 vacations be a rejuvenating break at some of the best spas in Asia. Take a look at these places where you can leave your worries behind.

1. Kamalaya Koh Samui, Thailand

Meditation at Kamalaya Koh Samui Wellness Resort

Source: @kamalayakohsamui, Instagram

Heal your mind and body at Kamalaya Koh Samui. Escape to this gorgeously located spa on a green hillside near a quiet beach for some holistic healing.

Kamalaya’s open-air wellness centres ensure that you detox, cleanse, emotionally heal, enjoy Thai, Chinese and Ayurvedic treatments, participate in yoga sessions, get massages, meditate and most importantly – get utterly pampered.

The rooftop restaurants offer healthy organic meals that complement your fitness training. Kamalaya then takes your wellness a step further with visiting healers from around the world who assist guests with energy healing, emotional healing, life coaching, and sound therapy.

2. Four Seasons Sayan, Bali, Indonesia

Four Seasons Sayan, Bali, Indonesia

Source: @sackerman519, Flickr

Bali and spa vacations are synonymous; the city even has a massage technique named after it! Little wonder then that the Four Seasons Sayan makes this list. Book yourself into this fancy, modern hotel for a holistic experience that includes five-star comforts; which is not to suggest that your experience will be anything but ‘traditional.’

Hanging upside down strapped up in Balinese bamboo in a paddy field, debating philosophy with monks, getting treated to a traditional healing session at a local home, and meeting with a Balinese high priestess during your water purification ceremony – these are just some of the activities you can look forward to! And yes, the immaculate gardens of the Four Seasons have a river flowing through them. Talk about serenity!

3. Vana Retreats, Dehradun, India

Vana Retreats, Dehradun

Source: @g.s82, Instagram

Treat yourself to a personalised wellness agenda at Vana in Dehradun. This eco-hotel set in a forest is basic in design with calming interiors and gardens with moving water. Look forward to therapists who specialise in Tibetan healing and boost your health and body with Abhyanga.

Vana combines a seasonal organic menu with treatments using self-prepared oils and herbs to give you a wellness experience that is at par with international standards, despite the minimalist theme of the retreat.

4. Fusion Maia Resort, Vietnam

Fusion Maia Resort, Vietnam

Source: @babybecks69, Instagram

Theme-based wellness is the mantra at the Fusion Maia Resort. Guests at this wellness spa retreat – situated conveniently on a beach – are introduced to healing and rejuvenation with a different theme each day.

You could ‘open your mind’ during spa treatments, ‘be active’ at your water sports session or ‘enjoy nature’ as you breakfast on the beach. The resort organises excursions, visits to local markets, and talks on wellness in its endeavour to heal holistically.

5. Amangalla, Galle, Sri Lanka

Amangalla, Galle, Sri Lanka

Source: @indi, Flickr

Amangalla, nestled luxuriously within the gardens of the Galle Fort, has all the ingredients that are required to make it a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. The old world charm and sophistication of the property blends effortlessly into the tranquillity and serenity of the treatment rooms.

Expect traditional massages, reflexology, scrubs, wraps, and facials as well as consultations with in-house Ayurvedic doctors and early morning yoga sessions. Rejuvenation guaranteed!

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