Quitting Your Job To See The World? 5 Destinations That Are Worth Doing So

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Taking long travel trips around the world has been gaining popularity among Singaporeans. Long travel has become such a phenomenon that younger Singaporeans are increasingly willing to drop their jobs to travel for months. Some even want to travel for years if the finances permit them to. If you are planning to quit your job to see the world, here are 5 destinations that are worth taking the plunge.

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1. Armenia

Quit your job to travel the world

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Ask around among your friends and see which of them have heard of Armenia. The probability is likely to be lower than the odds of you striking 4D. Yet, that’s precisely what makes Armenia a destination worth visiting. Armenia has often been overlooked as a destination for tourist due to its small size. But as citizens of a small country yourself, you should know better than anyone that a small country can pack a punch.

Mount Ararat is synonymous to Armenia because you can’t visit Armenia without noticing the magnificent natural landscape of Mount Ararat. This is the mountain often quoted in the Bible in the story of the Great Flood. Oh, and did we mention that Armenia is the first Christian country in the world?

Armenia is also worth visiting for its awe-inspiring terrain. The mountainous terrain in Armenia makes it a great place for some adrenaline sports in the summer. You can paraglide in Armenia and enjoy the picturesque sceneries in the mountains. During winter, the country possesses the perfect conditions for skiing and snowboarding.

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2. Argentina

Long travel trips

Argentina is one of those Latin American countries that will easily slip into non-existence, especially for Asians. After all, it is at the other end of the world. As a country with distinct and beautiful geography, Argentina is a country to visit for nature connoisseurs.

If you look at Argentina on the world map, you will quickly notice its longitudinal shape. This longitudinal geographic feature of Argentina gives its cities their very own characteristics, landscapes, climate and peculiarities. Argentina is also known to be the land where natural wonders and wildlife thrive.

One place that you must definitely visit in Argentina is the Iguazu Falls. The Iguazu Falls has 275 waterfalls pouring into the ‘Devil’s Throat’. It will be like nothing you have ever seen in your life. The Los Glaciares National Park is another must-go for nature lovers. Glacier Perito Moreno, one of the world’s most accessible ice fields, is located right in the Los Glaciares National Park. Also, don’t miss the chance to let yourself feel what it is like to be at end of the world in the southernmost city of Ushuaia.

Once you have visited Argentina, you will be convinced that Argentina has a little bit of Germany, Switzerland and Wales all in one place.

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3. French Polynesia

Long travel trips

If you love the feeling of living on the islands, then French Polynesia is the place you need to include in your travel itinerary. French Polynesia is a collection of five archipelagos in the Pacific Ocean. It has over 130 islands that stretch more than 2,000km. Tahiti and Bora Bora are some of the most well-known islands in French Polynesia.

To live in Bora Bora is like living in an open aquarium. You get to swim among colourful fishes and appreciate the beauty of the coral gardens. You can get up close encounters with turtles, manta rays, and even sharks. If you travel over to Tahiti, you can witness the migration of southern humpback whales. You might even get to see it swim directly in front of your accommodation.

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4. Indonesia

Long travel trips

Indonesia is one of Asia’s undiscovered gems. The Indonesia archipelago consists of 17,800 islands to collectively make up Indonesia. With such diversity in landscape, there is bound to be a diverse range of culture, food, destinations, wildlife and people.

Indonesians live in a myriad of cultures that are influenced by the different religions in Indonesia. The different ethnicity in Indonesia also created a unique, rich and delicious Indonesian cuisine that you will only find on the islands of Indonesia. Plus, Indonesians are also known to be extremely friendly.

One of the most renowned places in Indonesia is Bali. But if you think that Bali is the only beautiful place in Indonesia, then you are dead wrong. The Indonesian government has been executing plans to replicate Bali’s success in ten other Indonesian spots, from Lake Toba, Borobudur to Morotai island. If anything, it is only going to bring you ten times the fun and experience of Bali.

Long travel trips

Source: Straits Times

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5. Rwanda

Long travel trips

People don’t usually know Rwanda unless you are an avid Arsenal fan who happened to spot Rwanda’s sponsored print on Arsenal’s jersey. It is no surprise since most people aren’t even familiar with Africa in the first place. But visiting Rwanda gives you a chance to see one of our predecessors up close: Primates!

Rwanda’s Nyungwe National Park is the first-class ticket destination for you to get cosy with primates from chimpanzees, golden monkeys to mountain gorillas. You learn to track the movements of these fast-moving animals and locate them in … the WILD! Since the Rwandan government restricts the number of visitors who are allowed to view the gorillas, getting the chance to go on a mountain gorilla trek is a privilege that few people will have in their lifetime.

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