Pregnancy and Delivery Cost in Singapore

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How much did you spend on your pregnancy and delivery?

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As per my previous post, I delivered naturally without epidural.

I stayed in a single ward with normal delivery so I had to deposit $3103 (as per the cost stated in the picture above) as soon as I was admitted to the delivery ward. Do remember to bring along your prenatal receipts as the hospital will do the Medisave claims for you.

I do not see the need to specify the St Michael’s ward or anything better because a single ward is comfortable enough. My husband stayed overnight for 2 nights at $80.25 per night including GST. Food is also included for him.You can only have a companion for single rooms and above.

I think my bill was quite affordable as I am lucky to have a normal delivery. If you have a more well-known gynaecologist or a C-Sect, it will be more expensive. I found that female gynaecologists are generally more expensive than male due to the higher demand. Nevertheless, do know that there will be many nurses, doctors that will handle your private parts during delivery, more so for C-Sec mothers. Thus, requesting a female gynae is not really necessary in my opinion.

I have to mention that with the Baby bonus for my first child at $8000, I still have some cash after paying for all the pregnancy expenses. Not to forget the $9000 for my child’s CDA account, I really think we have got a good pro-family scheme going on. Maybe they can consider giving more for C-Sect mothers who will incur higher expenses.

What’s on my wish list? To improve the quality of the caretakers for maids and in child care centres. Of course, I would want more subsidies for infant and child care or even maid levy but more subsidies are not going to make me give birth to more babies.

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