[Resource] 21 Online Calculators That Will Help You Master Your Personal Finances

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Do you struggle with finding out how much you need to pay on your insurance or home loan? Or would you love to easily calculate how much you need by the time you retire?

Excel can help you do that! But we aren’t all Excel Wizards, are we? That’s why online calculators for personal finance matters are aplenty online. There’s no need to open Excel and start manual calculations anymore!

Let’s take a look at some of the important ones, shall we?

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CPF Online Calculators

Everyone knows about the Central Provident Fund (CPF), with varying degrees of expertise. LIke it or not, it forces you to keep aside money, and seeks to grow your savings for your retirement. CPF has a LARGE number of calculators on their site. And they are all immensely useful too. Here’s a full list:

  1. Savings Calculator: To see how much savings you need at different stages of life.
  2. Insurance Estimator: To estimate how much life insurance cover you would need to provide for your family in case of your untimely demise.
  3. CPF Retirement Estimator: To check how much savings you would require for your retirement years.
  4. CPF Retirement Calculator: To calculate if the retirement goals you have set are practical.
  5. CPF Contribution Calculator: To determine how much CPF contribution you’re required to make.
  6. CPF Contribution Allocation Calculator: To get an idea of how your CPF contribution is distributed among the Ordinary, Special and Medisave accounts.
  7. CPF Additional Wage Ceiling Calculator: For employers to estimate the Additional Wage Ceiling for private sector employees.
  8. Expense Ratio Calculator: To calculate the impact of expense ratio on your investment returns.
  9. Stock and Gold Limits Calculator: To check how much amount is available in your CPF Investment Scheme-OA for stocks and gold investments.
  10. Unit Trust Investment Profit & Loss Calculator: To get an idea of how much profit or loss you might make on your unit trust investments through CPF Investment Schemes.
  11. Loan Repayment Period Calculator: To determine how long it would take for you to repay an Education Loan through CPF.
  12. Monthly Instalment Rate Calculator: To check how much repayment you would have to make every month towards your Education Loan through CPF.
  13. Self-employed Medisave Contribution Calculator: To see how much amount you need to put in your Medisave Account per year if you are self-employed.
  14. Self-employed Medisave Instalment Calculator: To estimate how much more Medisave amount you need to pay for, and in how many instalments (over how many months) can you pay it.

The inputs and display are also very simple – for example, the Savings Calculator looks like this:

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HDB Housing Loan Calculator

If you are planning to get an HDB Loan for your new house (congratulations!), you can check how much are the monthly instalments you’ll have to pay through the calculator offered on the HDB site. It is a simple tool where you can enter the loan amount, loan duration and interest rate. After you enter the values, the result looks like this:

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Moneysense Online Calculators

Have you heard of Moneysense? Like this blog, it’s an amazing resource, run under the National Financial Education Programme for Singapore. Moneysense has a set of calculators on their site too, which are slightly more generic.

  1. Savings Calculator: To see how much money you would have at the end of a definite period if you are saving a particular amount every month.
  2. Debt Calculator: To get an idea of how many months or years you will need to clear your loans, and what the monthly repayment amount would be.
  3. Mortgage Calculator: To estimate whether you can afford to take a loan for a new house. It gives you the monthly repayment amount for the loan amount you are seeking, and the amount you would be paying as interest for the loan.
  4. Budget Calculator: To check whether the budget you have set for yourself is pragmatic or not.
  5. Goal Savings Calculator: To calculate how much you need to save every month to reach a financial goal.
  6. Net Worth Calculator: To estimate how much your net worth is, based on your assets, savings, CPF monies, investments and liabilities.

These calculators are very extensive and useful. The Budget Calculator, for example, allows you to put a monthly target, and separate your fixed, essential, utility, transport and miscellaneous expenses, etc.

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Apart from these, there are numerous mortgage, savings and other personal finance calculators available on other Singapore-based sites. Whichever calculator you use, make sure you are making the most of the results they provide.


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