20 Wasteful Things That Parents Spend on for Their Kids

Kids can go on with demands that are detrimental to your financial health. Here are some of the most common things that parents waste their money on, and suggestions on how to stop that from happening. And the best part, saving on these can actually help your kid.

6 Great Places for Happy Hour Drinks Around the CBD

Looking a few rounds of drinks that will give you a happy buzz? Check out these bars for a fun night out after a long day at work. Here are some places around the Central Business District, where you can go drinking with your colleagues and friends. And enjoy the happy hours at the not-so-unhappy prices.

7 Smart Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview and 4 Not So Smart Ones

Interviews are a two-way street and you need to be asking certain questions to know what exactly you’d be doing in the company, how well you’d fare and whether or not your goals are in line with that of the company. So the next time an interviewer asks you if you have any questions for them, go ahead and fire a couple of these questions away.

Your Uber Rides Might Be Hurting Your Wallet More Than You Think

You may not realise it but your Uber rides may be costing you more than they really should. There is a simple reason for that and it is the CCY Conversion Fee. So what exactly is this fee and how does it alter your Uber bills? Lets take a quick look.

8 Things You Should Always Buy Used to Save Money

Ever considered buying a pre-used version of an item only for a fraction of the original price? See how you can save a fortune on these items. Here are things you can consider buying used.

10 Smart Shopping Tips for the Great Singapore Sale This Year

It’s that time of the year again – when the GSS comes knocking and you change from a reasonable budgeted person and transform into this uncontrollable shopping fiend with no objectivity. Some tips to help you stay sane this year.

5 Cool Co-working Spots for Freelancers and Creatives in Singapore

If you’re a freelancer or just looking for a place to work outside of home, this list of co-working spaces will come in handy to save you money and maybe even your livelihood.

Epic Mountains Around the World Even Beginners Can Climb

Call it a new fitness routine or an activity that gives you an unbeatable adrenaline rush, mountaineering is an experience like no other. If you are looking for an adventure that will not only challenge you physically but also mentally, then it is time to give these mountains a chance. Here is a newbie mountain climbing bucket-list that you need to start ticking off now.

6 Waterparks in Asia You Must Visit to Beat the Heat

Beat the heat with a splash! What better way to holiday in the summer than with a waterpark break? Choose from these wet and wild waterparks around Asia for a cool family vacation.

5 Upcoming Sectors in Singapore and Colleges Where You Can Get Trained in Them

There is a sea change in the professional landscape around us. With technology becoming indispensable in our lives, the digital take-over of professions is inevitable. Here are some upcoming sectors and colleges where you can get trained in them.

4 Asian Countries Where Medical Procedures are Cheaper than Singapore

Worrying about the cost of getting a planned surgery in Singapore? Here are some of the best alternatives for getting a cheaper medical procedure.

4 Financial Steps Every New Parent Should Take

Maybe you and your partner have just welcomed your newborn into the world or are thinking of starting a family. The emotional rewards of having your own family is indeed priceless. However, the financial load of child raising isn’t light. Start your parenthood journey on a financially sound foot by taking these steps.

The KrisFlyer UOB Account: Here’s a Group of People Who Will Find It Useful

The KrisFlyer UOB Account offers you the unique opportunity to earn miles with your KrisFlyer UOB debit card spend and balance in your account. Is it really worth your money though? Let’s find out.

52 Ways to Save Money Because We Live in the Most Expensive City in the World

Saving money isn’t just a good habit; it’s a necessity. Especially given that we live in a very expensive city. Here are some handy tips on how you can save on little things every day. We have one for each week in the year.

Three Psychological Tricks to Increase Your Motivation at Work (and Pave the Way for a Higher Salary)

Friday can’t seem to come soon enough, Sunday makes you slightly wistful and Monday hits you with the blues. But if you’re not absolutely hating on your job – and you should consider a switch if it gets to that point –, you might just be suffering from a lack of job motivation. Psychologists reveal three tips for job motivation that will power you through every workday.