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3 Exciting Trends in Paperless Finance in Singapore

In recent years, Singaporeans have increasingly embraced paperless finance in the form of online banking, contactless payments, online applications for financial products, and even submitting insurance claims through WhatsApp. With so much more technology can do, let’s have a look at a couple of exciting trends in paperless finance in Singapore.

The price of love in Singapore
What is the Price of Love in Singapore?

You may be free to love anyone but love itself isn’t free. At least not when it comes to committing to love. Weddings cost. In case you’re wondering how much, here’s a breakdown.

Best First Jobs or Internships to Have in 2017

Whether you are looking for your first internship or your first full-time job, it is good to know where you should go hunting, and which areas offer great growth. Your first job will always be firmly etched in your memory, and it’s important to make the right choice – given your skill set, ambitions, and expectations. Here’s what’s rocking the job scene.

How to Survive a Day in Singapore Without Cash

Imagine waking up late for work one day. You rush out of the house with your phone and realize that you left your wallet behind. Can you survive a day in Singapore without any cash and your ez-link card? If you ever find yourself with only your phone, here’s what to do.

2017 in Finances: What the Stars Hold for You

The New Year party isn’t over till you’ve checked out what the stars promise you in the next 12 months. With our special focus on wealth, we tell all the Pisceans, Scorpions, Aquarians, and everyone else how 2017 is going to be when it comes to your financial health.

Loyalty Programs That Make You Want to Stay Loyal

Ever heard of the phrase ‘Loyalty pays’? Well, loyalty cards take that message and give it a whole new meaning – a rather literal one. The rewards, savings and benefits on the following categories that these cards provide will delight all customers. Here are some of the loyalty cards we like in Singapore.

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