I’m a Millennial Traveller, and I’m Starting to Think That My Next Holiday Could Be a Packaged Tour. Here’s Why.

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7 Reasons Why You as a Millennial Should Choose the New-Age Travel Packages

Travel packages by agencies were traditionally aimed at providing a family a basic holiday covering all the important sightseeing spots. Since people were not keen on researching, they generally agree to generic itineraries.

But times have changed! Millennial travellers are a different breed. We pretty much made authentic travelling a thing. We want to explore destinations being a traveller and not a tourist. We detest anything archetypal and are always on the hunt for unique, unconventional experiences. We are ready to spend money but demand value for every penny spent. We see through the hype and everything sugarcoated (not always, sometimes we still get cheated). 

Packaged tours have been the antithesis of everything millennials love about travelling. But in recent years, tour agencies have been forced to adapt, and many of the old-school names are starting to look more promising.

Here’s why it could be worth considering a travel package the next time you head out on a holiday

1. They cover offbeat destinations

Gone are the days when a travel package to Europe will only cover Paris and Switzerland. Increasingly, agencies are trying to include exotic locations in their packages to woo millennials lusting for out-of-the-box experiences.

For example, Dynasty Travel has a whole section dedicated to exotic destinations. These include Greece, Nepal, Cuba, Morocco, and Mexico! Chan Brothers have a safari explorer trip to Northern Tanzania.

Chan Brothers Featured Packages

Source: Chanbrothers.com

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2. They offer distinctive experiences

Bored of the regular transfers during your vacations? Yes, there is always a cranky baby onboard! Do away with the regular as travel agencies vow to offer unique options to you. CTC Travel offers multiple self-drive packages to Australia that will give you a chance to explore various virgin beaches, lush green farms, mesmerizing sunsets, and unending photo opportunities.

Hong Thai Travel has romantic autumn trails you can book in Japan, South Korea, China, and Europe. Many agencies also offer farm stays and exclusive train tours.

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3. They can be customised

Travel packages are as fluid as water these days. Most travel agencies offer you the convenience to customise your vacation according to your preferences. Let’s say if you want to make a trip to Italy and focus on only historical places with a break at a particular pizzeria, you could do that! No need to include all the typical touristy bits.

With new-age travel packages, millennials can live like locals and get acquainted to the place they visit instead of just checking boxes in their jam-packed itineraries.

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“It’s unbelievable, but tour packages are actually starting to look pretty cool.”

4. They relieve you of all the planning stress


Vacations are great. However, what those beautiful holiday photos don’t reveal is the pain gone behind planning the whole trip. If you plan to take a trip to Western Europe, you will have to figure inter-country train/plane travel apart from hotels and the to and fro flights. You will also have to look at the various rail pass options, select the one that is the best for you, and book all of it online. Now all this might seem fun but it is completely time-consuming and sometimes exhausting.

And if there is even a small glitch, you might find yourself stranded on Amsterdam Centraal station finding out when the next train to Paris is. Instead, travel packages include all the bookings including trains, planes, hotels, and even activities. So, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your trip.

With our hectic lives, this sounds like a blessing.

Tip: Whatever you decide to do on your holiday, don’t forget that buying travel insurance is really important. If you need reasons to buy yourself one, click here.

5. They are accessible

Most travel agencies these days are present across digital platforms and social media. They have apps that are super easy to use. So, you could actually plan your holiday on your phone while travelling to work.

Dynasty Travel offers something called as Mobile Concierge where all you need to do is book an appointment with them and their service personnel will meet you at the time and location convenient to you. Making payments is extremely simple too.

For example, apart from the regular credit card or cheque payment, Chan Brothers also accepts payments through DBS iBanking. You could even follow travel agencies on Facebook and Instagram to know about their latest packages and offers.

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6. They are quirky

A holiday is all about the place you are going to. Right? Well, not really. What if you make it all about the journey? Check out Anywhr, where you pick your holiday style, budget and travel dates, but NOT the destination. That remains a surprise, one that is unravelled only when you are at the airport. Adventure, here we come.

7. They tend to be cheaper

Don’t hold us to it, but travel packages tend to be cheaper than planning it all out on your own (unless you’ve been following all our travel budget tips!). No, we aren’t going with the ‘time is money’ logic (which is true as well!). But most travel package planners tend to have long-standing relationships with vendors and manage to get great rates on alternate vacations, travel and meals. So, if you are on a budget, yet want to do it all, here’s your answer.

It’s either these travel agents in Singapore have really upped their game, or I’m simply getting old. 🙁

Tip: If you really need a holiday but don’t have the cash at the moment, you can consider taking a personal loan. However, bear in mind that a loan comes with interest, so travel within your means and make sure to pay back the loan as fast as you can. We don’t recommend that you take a personal loan without fully considering how you will repay the loan. A holiday should help you relax, not add to your stress because you took out a loan. BankBazaar lets you compare between personal loans and allows you to apply directly through our site


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