8 Tips to Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile When Job Hunting

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Nobody should underestimate the importance of a well-built LinkedIn profile, especially when the hunt for a new job is on. That’s because your LinkedIn profile helps a recruiter to get a peek into your job history, strengths and interests. We gave you 20 tips to ace your next job interview recently. Now, it’s time to learn how you can enhance your LinkedIn profile and use it for your benefit while searching for a job. Read on.

8 Tips to Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile When Job Hunting

Score more profile views and job offers by implementing these LinkedIn profile hacks

1. Write a rocking headline

The first thing anyone ends up reading on your profile is the headline. So, make sure you write something striking there. While LinkedIn picks your latest job title and puts it up there by default, you can obviously change it. This space must be used to highlight the skills and qualities that will make your profile stand out when a potential recruiter views it. Since you have a limit of 120 characters, make sure you use each one of them well.

Default: Internal Communications Manager at ABCD Corp

Change it to: Internal communications professional with excellent writing and presentation skills, and strategy development ability

2. Get that photo right

Yes, you might be tempted to upload your latest selfie where you think you look cool, all dressed up for a party. However, you must control the urge to upload it on LinkedIn (you have Facebook for that, remember?).

Your LinkedIn profile photo must be professional. It should make you look reliable and friendly, and meet a few formal requirements. The photo should ideally be a headshot where you are professionally dressed.

So, save those lovely photos with your favourite strappy top for some other social network. No sunglasses, hats and ‘I’m cool’ frames as well.

3. Write a detailed summary

Your summary is the snapshot of your entire profile in few words. It appears at the top of your profile and is editable. If you do not have any summary written, LinkedIn does suggest one, based on the information you have added to your jobs and education.

You might be tempted to just say ‘Ok’ to it but we suggest you take at least around 15 minutes out to edit it or write a new one entirely. Your summary needs to have the keywords potential recruiters may search for. To enhance the summary, add your best publications, presentations or images. And yes, ditch clichés!

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4. Get recommendations

When you are unemployed and job hunting, it might get a bit embarrassing to get in touch with an old colleague, especially the one who is doing extremely well professionally. However, that’s what will help you the most in that situation. You need to contact your friends and colleagues who can help you find a new job.

Doing so through LinkedIn will really boost your profile. You can ask your ex-colleagues and seniors to take time out to write a recommendation on LinkedIn and return the favour by writing one for them. A recommendation is like a first-hand review of a hotel; potential recruiters will refer to it during their pre-hiring research.

5. Know which endorsements to drop

While endorsements are the ornaments of your LinkedIn avatar, donning too many is never a good idea. Over the years, you might have transitioned from job roles and sectors. However, you are now looking for a particular profile, which is unrelated to those. So, you don’t want your past endorsements to give mixed signals to a potential recruiter. Retain those that add value to your current profile and job search and let go of the rest.

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6. Become an influencer

LinkedIn gives you a platform to write on any topic and publish it. How cool is that? And no, you don’t need to be a CEO to do that. If you know your sector well or are just inclined towards writing, this seems to be a great way to showcase your knowledge and skills. So, go for it! If you are good, people will appreciate it and you will definitely get noticed.

7. Join groups

Like we said before, you need to be in touch with the right people and you will manage to find a super job in no time. One way to do that really easily on LinkedIn is to join groups. These groups will encourage discussions on major actions in your sector, give you access to leaders and their thoughts and of course, keep you updated on the job openings in your desired industry.

8. Use LinkedIn tools

LinkedIn is a lot more than just a social media platform for professionals. Over the years, it has introduced various tools to help members enhance their skills, find their dream job, and learn sensitive details of the industry they work or want to work in.

When you are searching for a job, use the tool that allows recruiters to know that you are on the eyeing new opportunities. It is discrete (everyone on your list doesn’t get to know) and fairly effective.

Another really helpful tool for job seekers is LinkedIn Learning. All you need to do is specify the skills you want to enhance and it will suggest various courses. If you need to shift fields or acquire a new skill-set for a particular job, this is perfect for you. Prices vary from course to course but LinkedIn premium members have free access.

Now that you know how to enhance your LinkedIn profile, get ready for your interview and ace it with these questions that you should ask during the interview.



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