How to top-up your CEPAS Card using UOB Credit Cards

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UOB Credit Cards CEPAS Card

Time is money, and no one wants to stand in long queues, be it at the grocery store or at GTM counters. In this age of instant top-ups and immediate gratification, waiting can often derail your plans, throwing life into reverse gear. Well, all that is set to change, at least when it comes to topping up your CEPAS Cards at GTM counters. TransitLink and UOB have joined hands to offer a new solution to people who are always on the move wherein they can recharge their CEPAS Cards using UOB Credit Cards.

Purpose of new top-up scheme

The scheme aims to promote cashless transactions, helping commuters who aren’t too keen on carrying wads of cash with them each time they need to top-up their CEPAS Cards. A recent survey showed that over 70% of CEPAS Card users chose to recharge their cards by paying in cash, which could be inconvenient in certain cases. Providing a platform wherein one can avail the same benefit without having to carry cash could be a huge bonus, with more and more Singaporeans looking for cashless transactions wherever they go.

How to use the UOB-CEPAS top-up scheme

This new flagship program is currently open to customers of United Overseas Bank, with it expected to be expanded to customers from other banks by 2017. Individuals can use their UOB Visa, JCB or MasterCard to top-up their CEPAS Cards. Customers can use the contactless payment options offered by MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave for the top-up. Additionally, they also have the option to top-up their cards directly at the MRT station ticketing machines.

The simplest way to top-up cards is through smartphones. All one needs to do is follow four simple steps, and voila, their CEPAS Cards are filled with money.

  • Download and launch the app (Might Pay/Apple Pay) on their phones/devices.
  • Choose “pay’ option.
  • Enter password/PIN for security verification.
  • Tap the phone/device at the contactless payment terminals.

Top-up limit and charges

A normal CEPAS card has the capacity to store amounts worth S$500 at any given time, ensuring that cardholders do not have to recharge it constantly. Customers of UOB who wish to recharge their cards for the full amount will be disappointed, for under the trial phase, the top-up is capped at S$40 per day, per credit/debit card. This essentially means that one will have to do multiple transactions over a few days to completely top-up their CEPAS Card.

Individuals who use their UOB cards or the Apps to top-up their CEPAS Cards will not have to pay any additional amount as service fees. This is excluding the charges which are applicable on their cards.

Advantages of using UOB credit cards/apps for CEPAS top-up

  • Timesaver – Individuals will no longer have to spend precious time standing in line to top-up their cards.
  • Rebates – Every top-up of S$40 is entitled to a rebate of S$1 when done using a UOB Visa/MasterCard. Individuals who use the Mighty Pay/Apple Pay app are eligible for rebates of S$2 on every top-up of S$40.
  • Cashless – One needn’t carry cash on them to top-up their cards, offering peace of mind about carrying it.
  • Secure – Cashless transactions are secure and safe, using latest technology.


There could be instances where the top-up isn’t reflected even after the transaction is done, or the transaction fails. Customers needn’t worry in case this happens, for UOB has dedicated staff to handle such issues. One can get in touch with representatives on UOB’s Cards Hotline to resolve all such issues.

This new initiative, while in an experimental stage, could change the way Singaporeans commute, offering more bang for their buck in the future.

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