How to Reduce Stress at Work Without Reducing Your Salary

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Reduce stress at work

Working in Singapore can be financially rewarding, give you the perfect multicultural exposure and provide a substantial boost to your career. However, what it can also do is stress you out. According to a report by Robert Half, Singaporean employees are stressed out due to long working hours, high workload, tight deadlines and cut-throat competition. Sounds like your job? Don’t worry. Here are a few effective ways to reduce stress at work. And no, the list does not involve quitting your job.

1. Be punctual

Being punctual is one of the most underrated qualities in the corporate world. If you give yourself enough time to get ready, have breakfast and commute to work after you wake up, half your stress will disappear.

Reaching office on or before time not only puts you in the good books of your boss but also ensures that you have enough time and mental peace to prepare a list of your daily goals. Follow the same rule while leaving for any meeting.

2. Try to keep positive company

We all have those two colleagues who always complain about everything at work – from the CEO to the coffee. Stay away from them. Being positive is the easiest way to reduce stress. All workplaces have their pros and cons – the smarter way to hold on to your job and not be stressed is to look at the pros and ignore the cons. No, we ain’t asking you to be saintly et all; just look at the brighter side!

3. Learn to say ‘No’

Trust us, it isn’t as difficult as it seems. Saying ‘Yes’ to every work that comes your way is not going to take you anywhere – apart from a counsellor’s clinic. If your hands are full with assignments, make sure you put your foot down when someone asks you to take up a few more. However, be polite while you do so.

4. Mind your own business

While this might sound rude, it is one of the best pieces of advice you will get for dealing with stress at work. When in office, it is the best to focus on your work goals, be professional and not indulge in gossip. If you stay bothered with your work alone, half of your stress will melt down automatically. Don’t compare yourself to others, get depressed by how your friend’s team lead is super cool unlike yours or feel jealous about how much increment others in the team got. Remember, you are there to work and earn money, so just do that.

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5. Take breaks

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ And a stressed one too! So, once in a while, make sure you go out for a team lunch, meet a friend for coffee or even go for a short walk during lunch. Simple activities such as stretching, chatting with your partner or even reading your favourite book in the cafeteria while having lunch can change the perspective you have towards the day. Taking short breaks at work will not only reduce your stress but also pump up your energies and boost your performance.

6. Take vacations

Calling all those who feel the company they work for will shut shop the moment they take a week off! So sorry to break your dreamy bubble but that won’t happen. You might be important to your firm but you aren’t so indispensable that you cannot take a few days off for your own sanity. Remember, the company needs a sane employee more than the one who is always present but losing it every minute. So, go book that much-needed vacation right away and watch your dark circles lighten.

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7. Don’t skip meals

Remember last Thursday when you had that really urgent deadline (again!)? You were so drained out by midnight that you considered quitting. It is safe to assume that you did not have the time to have lunch or even get a good cup of coffee. True? Maybe that was the reason you felt so, so tired. Not fueling yourself enough throughout the day or maintaining consistent lunch timings can stress you out not just physically but mentally too. Make sure you have lunch with people from different teams and ages to be a part of a variety of topics from sports to the upcoming office offsite. No need to discuss the ‘important’ post-lunch meeting or the upcoming appraisal discussions. Take a break; you deserve one.

8. Maintain a work-life balance

It is said that those who leave work on time every day tend to be more productive than those who hang around till late hours. That’s because the former ones know they have only limited hours to achieve their daily goals and so their focus levels and dedication are higher. So, that super boss of yours who leaves work at sharp 5pm every day is so successful maybe because of his efficiency to finish all his day-to-day work in a stipulated time. Learn to leave work on time. It will not only make your spouse and kids happy but also keep your mind stress free.

Take these simple tips and implement them for a happier and more fulfilling career (without compromising on your salary).


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