How Much Does It Cost To Own a Dog in Singapore?

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Dogs are amazing creatures. To many people, they represent absolute joy, companionship, and undying loyalty. If you are a dog lover who is thinking of having a dog for the first time, you’re probably wondering just how much does it cost to own a dog in Singapore?

Well, having a dog is a lifelong commitment and it can be a costly journey. If you are not financially ready, it’s best to hold off the decision and only get a dog until you are prepared.

The breed of the dog also matters. The bigger the dog, the bigger the expenses and different breeds are prone to different medical conditions, from minor to severe.

To ensure you don’t miss out on anything, here’s a guide on the cost of dog ownership in Singapore.

cost to own a dog in Singapore

Beyond the warm and fuzzy, here is how much it will cost to own a dog in Singapore

Initial costs when you get a dog

Expense item


Getting a dog Adoption fee: S$250 – S$450

Purchase cost: S$1,000 to a few thousand dollars

Basic essentials, such as food, bed, and bowl S$200 onwards
Vet checkup $50 – $70
Vaccination S$50 – S$55 per shot. Puppies need 3 booster shots in total
Microchipping S$50 – S$80
Sterilisation S$200 – S$600 onwards
AVA dog licensing 1st 3 dogs: S$15 for sterilised/below 5 months old, S$90 for non-sterilised

4th dog onwards: S$180

From March 2018, dog owners can apply for a 2 to 3-year licence at a cheaper fee + 10% rebate if payment is made via GIRO, online, or AXS stations.

Puppy obedience training S$500 – S$700 for a series of group classes

Average monthly costs to raise a happy and healthy dog

The monthly of owning a pet depends largely on the owner’s spending habits and how much focus is placed on quality and maintaining the health of the dog.

Here’s a rough guide for people with a tight budget:

Expense item Cost
Food and treats S$50 onwards
Supplements S$30 – S$100
Grooming S$50 onwards
Preventative medication S$20
Miscellaneous, such as toys and walk accessories S$10 – S$50

Yearly costs that dog owners will likely have to budget for: Licensing, vaccinations, and insurance

Licensing your dog is compulsory and not doing so will incur a fine when caught. The good news is, you will soon be able to license your pet for 2 or 3 years at a go.

You may also want to consider buying a pet health insurance for your dog to help with unexpected big medical bills.

Expense item Cost
AVA dog licensing 1st 3 dogs: S$15 for sterilised/below 5 months old, S$90 for non-sterilised

4th dog onwards: S$180

From March 2018, dog owners can apply for a 2 to 3-year licence at a cheaper fee + 10% rebate if payment is made via GIRO, online, or AXS stations.

Yearly vaccination/titer test S$50 – S$55
Pet health insurance S$350 onwards

Medical or emergency costs that dog owners might incur

Once we become dog owners, we more or less have to visit the vet regularly. For healthy dogs, an annual checkup is still necessary to ensure that they have a clean bill of health. That is especially so for senior dogs who are seven years old or older.

Expense item Cost
Consultation $50 onwards
Routine blood tests $200 onwards
Medication Varies from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars
Surgery Varies from $700 to thousands of dollars

daycare and boarding cost for dogs in singapore

Daycare and Boarding

For busy working dog parents, daycare for their dogs may make sense. During daycare, the dog is able to socialise with other dogs and people. They are able to expend their energy during the day so their owners don’t have to deal with a super energetic dog when they come back home from a long day of work.

Boarding or pet sitting is also a must for dog owners who are travelling overseas and there’s no one else to take care of their dogs.

There are many different types of daycare, pet sitting, and boarding services but they generally start from these prices:

Expense item Cost
Daycare $35 onwards per day
Boarding/Pet sitting $50 onwards per day

Which credit cards should you use for pet expenses?

As you can probably tell, the cost to own a dog in Singapore isn’t exactly cheap. Nonetheless, if you are planning to have a dog, your aim should be to give your dog the best possible life you can afford. When you’re doing that, you should definitely think about how you can save money on pet expenses by optimising the credit cards that you use.

A lot of the pet expenses that a dog owner will incur don’t fall within the typical categories for bonus rewards or cashback. Hence, the two main categories of cards you’ll want to be looking at are those for online spends, and those for general spends.

Online spends through online pet stores for expenses such as pet food, accessories, toys and other essentials:

  • HSBC Revolution Card (5X rewards on online transactions)
  • BOC Family Card (5% cashback on online spends))

General spends such as medical bills, grooming, insurance, etc

Finally, if you do get a dog for your family, you maybe need a way of transporting your dog around Singapore. We either take taxis or you may choose to get a car for your family. How much does it cost to own a car on average? Find out here.

Cost of owning a dog in Singapore


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