How Do I Correct Information in My Credit Report?

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How Do I Correct Information in My Credit Report

We all know how important a credit report or credit score is. The lender looks at the credit report to determine the creditworthiness of an individual. The information present on your credit report can decide your ability to get a loan or credit card in the future.

Isn’t it our duty then, to ensure that our credit report doesn’t land us in trouble? Especially when it is not our fault. So how do you ensure that the information present in the credit report will become your friend and not your foe?

By making sure that the information presented on your credit report is accurate.

There is a possibility of inaccurate information being presented on your credit report. This can not only bring your credit score down but can also get your credit card and loan applications rejected. The best way to find out if there is any inaccurate information in your report is by getting a copy of your credit report and getting the mistakes, if any, corrected.

How do I erase the mistakes?

No magic eraser will correct the mistakes on your credit report, but contacting the CBS office will make it happen.

You can contact the CBS office in one of these ways:

  • By calling them on 65656363;
  • By sending an email to [email protected];
  • By visiting the CBS office at SGX Centre.

Once you’ve contacted CBS, you have to fill in a rectification request for your CBS report.

  • Once CBS receives your request, they will start an enquiry.
  • The enquiry will include cross-checking the discrepancies in your record.
  • Immediate rectifications will be made by CBS if they find mistakes in your report.
  • If the error was regarding the credit data between you and the bank, CBS will verify the information with the one provided by the bank.
  • Then your credit report will be updated with the status “Credit Report under dispute”.
  • You will be updated on the progress of the rectification.
  • The credit report will be revised once the error is resolved completely to the satisfaction you and the bank.
  • If you are not satisfied with the final result, you can approach the Compliance Committee of the Credit Bureau (Singapore) for a review.

Don’t let someone else’s mistake be your problem

The best way to ensure that there is no wrong information presented on your credit report is by checking your credit report often. This way, you will never have to worry about inaccurate information bringing down your credit score.


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