Holiday Essentials: Internet Speeds and the Cost of a Meal and a Beer in Your Favourite Destinations

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Planning a getaway soon? Lying awake at night crunching numbers before you book your flight? Read on for Skyscanner’s guide to the vacation numbers that count in your top destinations. From the price of a beer in Taipei to the speed of the internet in Tokyo, we’ve got your essential holiday numbers covered!

1. Bangkok, Thailand

With an average internet speed of 27.6mb/second, you can easily browse your way around the food stalls of Yaowarat, the hottest bars on Khao San Road and hunt down the best bargains at Chatuchak on your Bangkok break. The City of Angels remains a great value getaway destination with S$2.45 beer and some of Asia’s most memorable food experiences at bargain prices with a Bangkok meal averaging at S$5.44.

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2. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In KL you might want to hold off on the beers, which average out at a relatively expensive S$3.60. However, be sure to take full advantage of KL’s amazing food, with meals averaging S$4.80, you’ll be able to spend your evenings gorging on the city’s best nasi lemak, bak kut teh and nasi kandar without burning a hole in your wallet.

3. Tokyo, Japan

At S$11.30 a meal, you’ll want to be choosy about where you eat in dynamic Tokyo, and plan your adventures in advance as the internet is slow at 10.3 mb/second. On the bright side, beers are reasonable at S$3.80 a pop, so explore the city’s nightlife options at Asakusa Hoppi Dori and Roppongi and make some new friends over a pint!

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4. Seoul, South Korea

With a lightning fast internet speed of 44.7 mb/second, you’ll be able to share your Seoul experience with loved ones back home and find your way to the best food bargains at Kwangjang and Namdaemun night markets as dining out here can be an expensive affair with a meal averaging at S$9.30. Beers are refreshingly cheap, averaging a bargain S$2.90.

5. Bali, Indonesia

Bali’s internet speed crawls along at a functional 14.4 mb/second, but the Island of the Gods offers delectable meals of babi guling and ikan bakar at a great value average of S$4.50 so get off your phone and get eating!

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6. Hong Kong

With meals averaging a steep $11.20, you’ll need to use Hong Kong’s super fast internet of 46 mb/second to find the territory’s best dai pai dong if you don’t have the cash to splash. Treat yourself to some bargain S$2.50 beers after you’ve shopped in Kowloon or enjoyed some kite surfing at Shek O.

7. Taipei, Taiwan

A meal in Taipei averages out at S$6.80, with the city catering for budget-conscious foodies at its renowned night markets such as Shilin and Raohe. Beers are a bargain at S$2.20, though internet speed leaves a little to be desired at 27mb/second.

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8. Manila, The Philippines

Have a blissful break from the internet in Manila, as the average speed of 5.6mb/second is likely to have you tearing your hair out. Instead, ditch the phone and grab a bite to eat before chilling with a cheap S$1.70 beer and some live music in lively Makati.

9. Phuket, Thailand

You don’t come to Phuket to spend time online, which is just as well as the average internet speed here is 8.7mb/second, so once you’ve lazed on the beach and enjoyed a kayaking adventure, sip on a S$2.50 beer at a beachside bar before treating yourself to some quality

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10. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Nightlife fans flock to dizzying Ho Chi Minh City, where on average a beer costs an incredible S$1.20 and you can gorge yourself on sumptuous Vietnamese cuisine without breaking the bank. Internet speeds here are a bit slow at 12.8 mb/second, but adequate for sharing snaps of your wild nights out with your envious desk-bound friends back home.

11. Jakarta, Indonesia

Beers in the Big Durian average out at a relatively steep S$3, so keep them to a minimum and eat your way around the city’s diverse restaurants where you can eat royal Javanese cuisine surrounded by antiques or dine at a street stall with average meal prices at a reasonable S$6.

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12. Chennai, India

Stuff yourself on delectable southern Indian staples from dosai and vadai to ayival without breaking the bank as average meals here cost S$4. Beers are good value at S$2.50 and internet speeds a satisfying 22.6mb/second.

13. Osaka, Japan

Leave your phone in your room on your Osaka trip as at 3.7mb/second, the internet speed here is not up to much. Treat yourself to some quality cuisine in the Kitchen of Japan where meals average S$10.20. In the evening, head out to the bars of Umeda for cheap beers and exciting nightlife.

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14. Shanghai, China

Shanghai, the Pearl of the Orient, has a passable internet speed of 20.7mb/second and a whole range of dining options from backstreet dumpling houses to high-class Cantonese restaurants with meals averaging a reasonable S$8.20, you’ll be able to feast to your heart’s content without going into the red.

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