Here’s Why You Should Choose Standard Chartered Manhattan World MasterCard

By | February 15, 2017

When Rachel started looking for an ideal credit card, she relied on research and her friends’ recommendations. She knew that first she had to be clear of what she wanted from a credit card. After a lot of thought, she decided that she wanted a cashback credit card that also offers other benefits such as dining and travel discounts. After a whole month of research, she chose the Standard Chartered Manhattan World MasterCard. If you want to know why she chose this card, read on.

What we like about the card

Here are some of the benefits this card offers that we think are great:

  • Cashback: The card promises to give you cashback of up to S$800 every year.
    • If you make payments of up to S$1,000 in a month, you will get cashback of 0.5% on your transactions.
    • On transactions of S$1,000 to S$2,999.99, you get a cashback of 1%.
    • Purchases of over S$3,000 give you cashback of 3%.
    • The maximum cashback you can earn in a quarter is S$200, and the maximum cashback for one year is S$800.
  • Fuel savings: You can get a discount of up to 26.64% on petrol purchases at Caltex fuel stations. This includes 14% instant discount and an extra discount of 11.7% on the net bill.
    • On spending below S$600, you only get the 14% discount and a 0.5% cashback.
    • With card expenses of S$600 to S$999.99, you get effective savings of 24.49% with a 0.5% cashback.
    • Similarly, with spends of S$1,000 to S$2,999.99 you can save 24.92% with a cashback of 1%
    • And on spending S$3,000 or more, you can save 26.64% with a 3% cashback.
  • Uber discounts: Up to 30 September, 2017, Uber travels through Standard Chartered Manhattan World MasterCard would be cheaper by 20%. You get cashback of 20% on Uber taxi rides in Singapore and abroad, up to a maximum cashback of S$50 in a month. You can enjoy this discount if you spend S$600 or more on your Standard Chartered credit card. New Uber users can also get a 10% rebate on the first 3 rides. Use the code ‘SC2016SG’ when registering the Uber app on your phone to get these concessions. New Standard Chartered Manhattan World MasterCard applicants who apply for the card online will also earn S$150 in Uber credits upon approval of the card.
  • Varied payment options: If you thought using your credit card was the only way to pay for your purchases, think again. The Manhattan World MasterCard allows you to link your credit card with mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay, meaning you’ll be fine even if you forgot to bring out your wallet. You can also use MasterCard’s contactless payment system to pay for purchases up to S$100.
  • Dining privileges: The card gives you special discounts of up to 15% at more than 100 restaurants on the island, including Bel Mondo, Greg’s Seafood Shack, Harry’s outlets, Kinara Boat Quay, Morsels, Paul outlets and Saffron Bistro, among others. Dining out on weekdays also gives you a cashback of 6% – capped at S$50 per month – on spending at least S$300 per month using your card.

What can this card do for you

So what is the best way to earn the maximum cashback on the Standard Chartered Manhattan World MasterCard? Let’s look at Rachel’s credit card bills for the last 3 months for reference:


Month Amount Spent Cashback Percentage Cashback Amount
September 2016 S$3,800 3% S$114
October 2016 S$3,560 3% S$106.8
November 2016 S$2,750 1% S$27.5
Total S$10,110 1.978% S$248.3 (Cap: S$200)

Since the maximum cashback per quarter is S$200, Rachel will only get S$200 instead of S$248.3. This is an effective cashback of 1.978%. To fully maximise her cashback, Rachel should keep track of her spending and use a different card for her spends when she knows that she has reached her cashback cap for that quarter. Nonetheless, with that S$200, Rachel can either offset her credit card bill, or buy something new from Lazada!

What you’ll have to consider

Here are some things you must consider while evaluating the Manhattan World MasterCard:

  • Cashback ceiling: Irrespective of the extra cashback allowances for weekday dining and fuel, you will only get S$200 every quarter. So it doesn’t matter whether you buy fuel worth S$3,000 every month and dine out every day of the week, but you only get S$800 in a year.
  • Annual fee: To keep the card active, you need to pay S$192.60 including GST, as annual fee every year. However, the annual fee for the first year is waived and you can get up to 5 supplementary cards without paying any annual fee ever.
  • Interest rate: The card’s interest rate stands at 25.9% p.a., and from 16 January, 2017, the interest rate will be calculated on a daily basis at 0.071% from the due date if payment is not made in full. There is an interest-free period of 22 days from the statement date.
    However, every credit card has some sort of a catch. A cashback of S$800 a year cannot be laughed at, and that makes the Standard Chartered Manhattan World MasterCard as good a card as any other. Oh, and did we mention that you are automatically eligible for all World MasterCard privileges as well? Now that’s an experience you cannot scoff at!

If you’d like to get a credit card, you can find, compare and apply for one at

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