5 Fun Board Games That Will Literally Teach You a Lesson in Personal Finance

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Reading heavy-duty books on finance can get boring. What if you could learn some handy financial lessons while playing board games? Sounds fun, right? It is. We have whipped up a quick list of financial board games that are fun to play. The list includes some classics and a few new kids on the block. Plus, you will get to know where to buy them from. Read on.

Five board games which prove that educational doesn’t have to mean boring

1. Monopoly – the all-time classic

Monopoly is probably the first game you would have played that revolves around finance and investing. While it might look like this game is merely a fun way to spend your weekend with friends or family, it is a lot more than that. The real estate-based game imparts important financial lessons such as the importance of keeping liquidity handy and diversifying investments and that buying the most expensive asset isn’t always a good idea.

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2. Cashflow 101 – the perfect lesson in getting out of the rat race

Image Credit: Amazon.com

Loved across the world for its fast-paced, interactive nature, this board game encourages you to ‘get out of the rat race’. What starts with you doing a normal 9-5 job soon gets transformed into you building a portfolio of assets and earning more than your expenses. This game teaches you to invest in different scenarios and encourages you to get out of your comfort zone and try new strategies. You can also play the online game and join the Cashflow Community here.

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3. Puerto Rico – play the role of a capitalist business person

Image Credit: Amazon.com

Fancy playing a capitalist on the island of Puerto Rico during the Caribbean dominance era? This elegant game is all about building assets and exporting them before a few scenarios take place making it impossible to do so. The game promises to teach you some important business principles – why one must always have cash on hand, how to decide which is the right time to invest, and how to keep up with the constantly changing marketplace.

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4. Wongamania – learn to grow your money

Image Credit: wongamania.com

Set in a politically unstable country, this game wants you to invest in stocks, bonds and properties and manipulate the economy for your gains. Understand the economic scenarios of recession, recovery, stagnation and growth while fighting the monsters of modern economy – Debtzilla, Taxopus, and Inflationsaurus. Game on!

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5. Debtzilla – master your debt

Image Credit: kickstarter.com

If you love finance and superheroes, this game is perfect for you. After the success of Wongamania, the makers came up with another game set in the same scenario – Debtzilla. Unlike most board games, Debtzilla needs all the players to play as a team – so, either you all win or don’t. It’s multifaceted but easy to understand gameplay, combined with unusual superheroes such as Ali Baba and Tweetman with superpowers apt for today’s consumerist society, make this game fun. This game teaches you the importance of striking the right balance when it comes to debt.

You can buy this exciting game on Kickstarter.

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