7 Aspects of Life You Need to Declutter to Save Money and Stay Healthy

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Image on digital decluttering

Decluttering is a detox that works wonders, both when it comes to saving you money and helping you stay healthy. Here are 7 ways that will keep you healthy physically and monetarily.

1. Digital decluttering – Be a tech minimalist

Ever noticed the growing number of wires, chargers, adapters, and batteries crowding your home and your existence?

Tech clutter is the latest entrant in the list of things that you need to rid yourself of to simplify your life. As you remove all extra gadgets and their accessories, you will realise how many of them are outdated, and how much of those were impulse buys just because it was the ‘latest’.

This digital introspection may also lead you to curtail future spending on impulsive tech buys, saving you lots of money in the process.

Try this: Remove all electronic devices that are not in use. But don’t push them down the rubbish chute, just yet. Apart from privacy issues, chemical leakage needs to be considered too. Instead, dispose of them at StarHub’s RENEW bins, Singtel’s e-waste recycling bins, or other options across the island. Since these are shredded and dismantled, data is not recoverable.

2. Emotional decluttering – Breathe the worries out of your life

Decluttering is not limited only to your physical surroundings; your mental space is as prone to getting rushed and hectic with worries about unimportant stuff. Sift through your feelings and decide what needs to be retained, and exclude the rest.

Investing in worries will only lead you to the doctor’s office, and spike your medical bills. Breathe deep, keep it simple, and save money!

Try this: It may not be a bad idea to explore alternative healing therapies or even start yoga. It is fun, relaxing and can help in your journey of emotional decluttering. You can head out to a retreat if you like too!

3. Physical decluttering – Clean away

Image of a note about things to do for decluttering

Clutter causes stress. Having to rummage through stuff every time you are looking for something leads to more issues than you may be aware of. Apart from getting you annoyed and worked up, you are also losing precious time in the process. Get rid of all the ‘just-in-case’ stuff that you may have accumulated over the years.

Physical decluttering will teach you a lesson in being prudent the next time you step out with shopping on your mind. Cleaning your surroundings – your home, kitchen, wardrobe, storage and even bedside drawers – is therapeutic in nature. It makes your surroundings neat and organised, adding a positive and healthy vibe. Win-win!

Try this: It is time to make this decluttering exercise, get you some extra cash. Sell the things you haven’t used in ages at Carousell, Craigslist, Shopee. Bring in the moolah while you are at it, we say.

4. Social decluttering – Filter your friends

All of us have had friends who like to dump their problems on others; or the negative ones who have a perpetually pessimistic view of life. Then there is the leech variety, who constantly sponges off others when it comes to paying the bill or even borrowing money.

Keeping such company is detrimental for you, for your social life, and for your existence in general. Choose who you want to spend your time with carefully – be prudent with your wallet and the social space that you share – and clean your calendar for a healthy and wealthy future.

Try this: Clear up your Facebook by removing acquaintances who troll for no good reason. That will make your newsfeed more interesting and you will have less spam to go through.

5. Decluttering at work – Cleanliness equals efficiency; translates into promotions

Cleaning up your workspace, helps you organise, increases efficiency, boosts focus, and eventually improves your performance. Start with your desk, carry on to your inbox, and wrap the clean-up with coloured post-its!

You will know what has been accomplished and what needs to be done – baby steps, but effective ones. Once you are on top of things at work, sit back and watch those promotions knock on your door.

Try this: Work with your HR and announce a ‘clutter-free’ day once a quarter. This will not only help you but also your colleagues. Earn some brownie points for being proactive too!

6. Financial decluttering – Away with extra fees!

There is such a thing as too much plastic. Take some time to go through and review the number of credit cards you own; there may be some that you snapped up because of a fancy sign-up gift, but have no use otherwise.

Get rid of extra cards and save yourself the hassle of monitoring the annual fees. There are times when it’s worthwhile paying the annual fee, but usually, it’s not.

Next, take a look at your bank accounts and trim the extra accounts. You just saved lots of money in bank charges and a whole lot of time going through statements.

Try this: Find cards that meet your needs. Some cards are good for movies, others for shopping online. Many cards come with great rewards, while others are perfect to keep your grocery bills low. Choose wisely!

7. Sentimental decluttering – Clear your mental space

Control the hoarder in you and go for those boxes at the back of the closet with all the little things you have been storing because you were too weak to throw them away. Hang on to your kids’ rattles and first birthday outfits by all means; what we are talking about are keepsakes that are not really relevant anymore.

For example, stuff from previous relationships and all those toys you’ve boxed in case you suddenly have another baby; and remember, your first TV belongs in a museum now.

Try this: Watch an episode of Hoarders, to know all about hoarding and how to avoid it. You may not suffer from compulsive hoarding disorder, but the tips can be very useful.

Reduce the clutter and watch your bank balance and happiness levels go up!


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