DBS Woman’s World Card Review: Earn Miles Faster With 10X Points on Online Spends

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Another credit card just for ladies? Well, not quite. Despite its gender-bending name, both men and women can apply for the DBS Woman’s Card.

DBS has 2 versions of this card – the DBS Woman’s Card and the DBS Woman’s World Card, the latter being seen by many as one of the best ways to earn miles. Especially if you make online transactions frequently. That’ll be our focus in this review.

DBS Woman’s World Card Review

DBS Woman’s World Card Review: Earn Miles Faster With 10X Points on Online Spends

Who is the DBS Woman’s World Card meant for?

  • People who transact online / on mobile often.
  • Frequent travellers who love shopping while overseas.
  • Shoppers who want to stretch out their payments.
  • Those who are looking to earn miles on their regular spending.

Top features of the DBS Woman’s World Card

  • 10 DBS points (20 miles) for every S$5 spent on online transactions.
  • 3 DBS points (6 miles) for every S$5 spent on overseas transactions.
  • 1 DBS point for every S$5 spent on all other transactions.

Sounds like one of the easiest ways to earn points and miles doesn’t it? Let’s see what are the terms and conditions.

1. 10x points on online spends

The DBS Woman’s World Card offers you 10 DBS points or 20 miles for every S$5 that you spend online. That is equal to 4 miles for every S$1 you spend. Which, if you ask us, is a pretty great way to accumulate points easily.

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But here’s the catch. When you spend S$5 online, depending on if it is a local transaction or a transaction overseas, you will be awarded 1 or 3 DBS points respectively, the day after the purchase is posted to your card. The remaining points will be credited to your account on the 16th of the next month.

Take note, these extra points are only eligible for online spends up to S$2,000 each month.

Here’s an example to help you understand the cap on bonus points mean.

Let’s say that you have decided to buy a TV that costs S$800 online. If this S$800 transaction was posted to your card on a Wednesday, then 1X DBS point (160 points) will be credited to your account on Thursday.

The remaining 9X DBS points (1,440 points) will be credited to your account on the 16th of the next month.

So far so good. Now here is where it gets tricky. Let’s say that you spent S$2,500 online. Every time you used your card you got 1X point (assuming these were local transactions). So, on the 16th of the following month, this is what you received:

Online Spend Points Earned the Next Day Points That Should be Earned the Next Month Actual Points Earned the Next Month
S$2,500 500 4,500 3,600

Instead of earning a total of 5,000 DBS points on your spend, you end up earning 4,100 (3,600 points plus 500 points). This is because the extra 9X points were awarded only for your spend up to S$2,000. The remaining S$500 that earned 1X point which was posted to your account the day after the transaction was made.

With the DBS Woman’s Card, you earn 5 points for every S$5 that you spend online (2 miles/dollar). The way you earn these points does not change. The only difference being that the extra 4 points are only applicable for the first S$1,000 that you spend online each month.

Keep an eye out online transactions that don’t qualify as online transactions

While the points and miles earning rate for the DBS Woman’s World Card are probably one of the best for online spends, there seems to be one minor problem. What you may qualify as an eligible online spend, isn’t registered in the same way on DBS’ systems. This may be because of the Merchant Category Code (MCC) assigned by the card network to the vendor.

To avoid such discrepancies, keep a track of all your transactions by requesting for an itemised points statement. This way you can dispute any spends that you think should qualify for 10X points. Even if you can’t dispute a spend, at least you know you shouldn’t make the same transaction with your DBS Woman’s World Card in future.

A good practice would be to make this checking a monthly or bi-monthly affair so that you know exactly which transactions qualify for these points.

3X points on overseas transactions

This benefit is exclusively for DBS Woman’s World cardholders. Your 3 points will be awarded one working day after the purchase is posted to your card.

Please note that you’ll get these points only when you spend in foreign currencies.

1X point on everything else!

You earn 1 point for every S$5 that you spend on all other eligible retail transactions. So, your morning cup of coffee, your grocery spends or even tickets to a movie, all of these transactions will earn you points.

0.2 points per S$1 is a terrible earn rate, so it’s better to use a different card like the DBS Altitude Card instead. The DBS points will still pool together.

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Drawbacks of the DBS Woman’s World Card

Probably the biggest drawback of the DBS Woman’s World Card is that your points or equivalent miles are valid only for 1 year. You’ll need to transfer your points out each year and incur an admin fee of S$25 when doing so.

Additionally, the points will be credited in blocks of S$5 spends. So if you have spent S$24 on something, you will get points only for S$20 and not on the remaining 4 dollars.

If you compare the points that you get on everyday spends to other shopping cards out there, the points earning rate isn’t that great.

Card Name Points
DBS Woman’s World Card 0.4 mpd or 1 DBS point per S$5 on everyday spends
HSBC’s Revolution Credit Card 2 mpd or 5 points per S$1 for online, dining, and entertainment
Citi Rewards Card 4 mpd or 10 Citi Dollars per S$1 on online and offline shopping

*mpd = miles/dollar

Moreover, the minimum income requirement to be eligible for the DBS Woman’s World Card is quite high at S$80,000 and the annual fee of S$192.60 is waived only for a year. Of course, you can qualify for a fee waiver the next year, subject to approval or spending a minimum of S$25,000.

And this is just for the DBS Woman’s World Mastercard. The DBS Woman’s Card isn’t of much use even if you do meet all the eligibility criteria. That’s because the earn rate is 1 DBS point per S$5 on retail spends and 5X points for online shopping.

You would be better off with HSBC’s Revolution Credit Card since it offers you 5 points for every S$1 spent, has no minimum spend requirement, a 2-year annual fee waiver, and a 3-year validity on the points that you earn.

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Other benefits of having the DBS Woman’s Card

  1. Split your purchases into instalments with DBS’ 0% instalment payment plan for up to 12 months. What’s more, you don’t have to pay any processing fees either.
  2. S$0 admin fee on your SMRT taxi rides.
  3. Up to 10% off at Expedia, Hotels.com, Emirates, and Hertz.
  4. Complimentary Hertz Gold Plus Rewards.

Here’s our verdict

From what we have seen, the DBS Woman’s World Card is probably one of the best cards out there for online spending, and anyone looking to earn miles faster should get this card. Combine the DBS Woman’s World Card with the DBS Altitude Card for a miles card strategy that will cover most of your spending needs.

If you aren’t able to meet the income requirement, skip the DBS Woman’s Card and get the HSBC Revolution Credit Card instead. Not only will you get the same online spending benefit, you will also earn 2 miles/dollar on local dining and entertainment.

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DBS Woman’s World Card Details
Annual Fee S$192.60 (Principal Card)
S$96.30 (each Supplementary Card)
Effective interest rate 25.90% p.a
Eligibility S$80,000 and above per annum (Singaporean or Foreigner)

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