How Much Does It Cost To Own a Cat in Singapore?

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Cost of owning a cat in Singapore

They say, “Cats are angels with whiskers.” Most cat lovers would agree to that completely. Apart from providing cool and cute content for your Instagram stories, cats assure that you do not come home to an empty house, spread all the cheer you need, help you overcome the ups and downs of life and entertain you constantly! They are truly ‘puuurrfect’!

If you love cats, you would have come across a strong urge to bring one home at least once. However tempting it sounds, owning a cat is not as simple as it looks. Apart from the infinite emotional and physical responsibilities owning a cat brings along, you need to be financially capable too. While owning a cat is a lot cheaper than owning a dog, it is still substantial.

To get the process going, here’s from where you can adopt a cat in Singapore:

Beyond all the playfulness and companionship, here is how much it will cost to own a cat in Singapore.

Upfront costs when you get a cat

Expense item Cost
Getting a cat Adoption fee: S$40 – S$100

Purchase cost: S$1,000 to S$3,000

Basic essentials, such as carrier, litter box, food, serving bowls, etc. S$130 onwards
Vet checkup $50 – $70
Vaccination, deworming, neutering/spaying S$150 onwards
Microchipping S$25 onwards
Licensing S$30

Recurring costs to raise a cheerful cat

The monthly cost of owning a pet depends largely on the owner’s spending capacity and habits.

Here’s a rough guide:

Expense item Cost
Food and treats S$10-S$30
Cat litter S$10 – S$20
Vaccinations S$30-S$60 every 3 years
Preventative medication S$30-S$60
Vet visits S$30-S$60
Basic grooming S$90
Training class S$110
Miscellaneous, such as toys S$10-S$50

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Medical or emergency costs that cat owners might incur

To ensure that your cat is healthy, an annual checkup is necessary. This is more important for senior cats or those with a history of any illness.

Expense item Cost
Consultation S$40 onwards
Routine blood tests $200 onwards
Medication Varies from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars
Surgery Varies from S$500 to thousands of dollars
Dental scaling S$250

Places to get a check-up for your cat:

Daycare and Boarding

Like we said before, having a pet is a huge responsibility. So, if you are always busy with work or take frequent work or leisure trips, it is important that you enroll your cat for a daycare. Boarding seems to be the safest bet for your cat when you are travelling. While Singapore has many options for cat daycare and boarding, they generally cost about this much:

Expense item Cost
Daycare $20 onwards per day
Boarding/Pet sitting $30 onwards per day

Places for cat daycare and boarding:

Best credit cards to use for your cat expenses

If you are planning to use your credit card to pay for your cat’s expenses, let us tell you that most of the costs you will incur won’t fall under the typical categories for you to earn bonus rewards or cashback.

However, you could use a card that has higher rewards for online spends and general spends. For example, the HSBC Revolution Card offers 5X rewards on online transactions and the BOC Family Card gives 5% cashback on online spends.

For general spends such as medical expenses, grooming, and pet insurance, use your HSBC Advance Card (1.5% – 3.5% cashback on all expenses) or Citi PremierMiles Visa Card (1.2 miles/dollar spent on all local spend).

Think your bank account is not ready for a pet cat yet? No worries. Here are five frugal things you can do daily for better savings. Go ahead, implement them and you will soon be able to afford a cuddly cat.

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