7 Employee Benefits and Office Policies That Will Surely Make Us Excited About Work

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Coolest office policies

Do you know what many successful companies globally have in common? They realise the worth of happy employees. They know that if their office space is enjoyable, the atmosphere is motivational and policies are employee-friendly, the people who work there will love their jobs and subsequently excel in them.

And good office policies go a long way in ensuring higher retention. So next time you are looking at just making the big bucks, read the contract carefully and seek out some great benefits too. After the lure of money fades, these perks will make you feel more valued than ever before.

Wondering which companies have the coolest policies and employee benefits? We’ve collated some of the best that exist across the world, just for you.

1. Paid vacation by Hotel Tonight

Imagine that your company does not make it difficult for you to take leaves for your vacation but rather goes ahead and even pays for it! Sounds dreamy, right? Well, it could be possible if you work with Hotel Tonight. An HR Manager and Quora member says that Hotel Tonight’s staff participating in a lottery need to show up with bags packed on a particular Friday and if they are lucky enough, they will leave (with a loved one) for an amazing paid weekend getaway.

2. Year-long maternity leave by Netflix

Giving birth is probably one of the most important things you will do in your life. If your employer understands that and supports you through that phase, nothing like it. At Netflix, a new mother can take a year off to give enough time to her baby and get back to work with ease. Those who can return before a year can choose to join full-time or part-time, according to their convenience. So, it is the perfect workplace for new mothers.

3. Bring your dog to work – every day! By Amazon

Calling all dog lovers! If you miss your furkid while you are away at work, don’t worry, just apply for the next relevant opening you see at Amazon Seattle. Your pup will not only enjoy the company of over 5,000 other dogs but will also be able to chill at the dogs-only fountain, relish doggie treats, and participate in dog events. Apart from making the pet babies and owners happy, this practice is said to reduce the stress of other employees, improve employee interaction, and keep the overall atmosphere energetic and happy!

Don’t have a dog yet but plan to get one soon? Make sure you consider these costs of owning a dog in Singapore before you do.

4. Free food and gym with classes by Google

Many of us have an idea about this and some of us may also have had a privilege to eat at Google before.

Google makes sure its employees around the world are well-fed and have a healthy lifestyle. The company invests massively in the food bit so the variety is wide, quality is high, and the presentation is impressive. They have live stations, gourmet desserts, fresh fruits, and finely brewed coffee on the list. What more could one ask for? It not only saves employees’ money but also time (driving to and back from a restaurant). Google makes sure you burn away all those delicious calories at its well-equipped and free gym, which holds a variety of fitness classes you can pick from.

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5. Remote working by CISCO Systems Singapore

CISCO surely knows the value of having the right work-life balance for its employees. So, it offers extremely flexible work timings and locations to its employees. This means if you work with CISCO, you could work from home (or anywhere else) almost every day and have a satisfying personal life while having a fabulous job.

The company makes sure employees who work remotely have easy access to all the documents and information they might require. This benefit is perfectly suited for new parents and those who need to be at home to look after an ailing family member.

6. Complimentary stays by Four Seasons

Four Seasons hotels across the world have rooms that personify luxury and class. That’s the good part. The not-so-good part is that they cost a bomb. However, if you are a Four Seasons employee, you will be able to stay at any of these heavenly properties for free along with complimentary meals! The free nights can range from anywhere between 3 and 20, depending on your tenure in the company. Need any more incentive to come to work refreshed? We think not.

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7. Paid volunteering time off by Salesforce

This perk is perfect for anyone who wants to do his/her bit of giving back to society. Cloud computing giant Salesforce ensures that its employees have enough time as well as monetary resources to work for a social cause close to their hearts. The company offers 6 paid days off for volunteering in a year. No, that’s not all. Salesforce goes on to give each employee US$1,000 (S$1,363) every year to donate to a charity they believe in.

Whether or not you work for the above mentioned companies, here are 11 important employee benefits you might not be completely utilising.


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