A Complete Guide to Bike Sharing in Singapore

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Are you a fan of bike sharing? If you are, then here’s our ultimate cheat sheet to take full advantage of bike sharing options in Singapore.

Be confused about bike sharing no more. Our guide to bike sharing will help you navigate the sea of bike options in Singapore

1. Ofo

Ofo is one of the pioneers of bike sharing in China and the world. To identify an Ofo, simply think of the colour of bumble bee and you have the colour of an Ofo bike.

Ofo Deposit

Ofo is the one of the two bike sharing companies in Singapore that doesn’t mandate users to put in a deposit. All you have to do is to store your debit/credit card information on the app and you are ready to start riding.

Ofo Riding fares

Ofo charges S$1 for a 1-hour riding period. Even if you have only ridden for 5 minutes, you will still be charged for the 1-hour period. However, Ofo does set a cap to its rides. Every trip is capped at S$2, regardless of how long you ride.

Can I reserve an Ofo bike?

Unfortunately, you cannot reserve a bike on Ofo.

Promotion/Free rides for Ofo

With only S$1.50, you can buy a 60-day unlimited Ofo pass. This pass allows you to take unlimited rides per day within the 60 days. Recently, Ofo introduced a new scheme to encourage users to park their bikes more responsibly. If you park Ofo’s bike in the designated parking spots, you can get additional credit points that can help you unlock free rides or discounts at participating merchants.

Ofo Biking experience

Among the bike sharing companies, Ofo has the second-best bike in the market in our opinion. However, it would be fair to claim that Ofo’s bike isn’t that far from Mobike. Like Mobike, Ofo’s bike also offers a gearing system. Riding on an Ofo bike is usually effortless and enjoyable. While Ofo’s bikes are still light for its size, it is still relatively heavier compared to Mobikes.

That being said, Ofo seems to have pushed out new bikes recently (with black plastic baskets) that are small and compact. This new batch of bikes are giving Mobike a run for their money.

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2. Mobike

Source: Mobike

If you can’t remember which is Mobike, don’t worry as you are probably not the only one. If you remember the bikes by their colour, you might confuse Mobike with oBike as they are both painted in orange and silver. However, Mobike has a darker shade of orange compared to oBike.

MoBike Deposit

If you are interested in using Mobike, you will have to pay a one-time refundable deposit of S$49.

MoBike Riding fares

Mobike charges S$0.50 for a 30-minute period, regardless of how far you travel within 30 minutes. If you choose to lock the bike, the timer will reset at the next point of unlock.

Can I reserve a MoBike?

Under Mobike’s system, you can make a reservation for free. Even if you cancel your reservation, you won’t be charged. The only time you will be charged is when you unlock the bike, regardless of whether you ride it or not. Each reservation is only valid for 15 minutes.

Promotion/Free ride for MoBike

Mobike released its Mobike Pass late last year to allow users to ride without paying a deposit. The Mobike Pass is valid for 180 days at S$5. Under the Mobike Pass, you can take unlimited rides for rides that are within 2 hours every day. If you want to game the Mobike Pass, then lock your bike before you hit the 2-hour mark. Then, unlock it again to reset the timer.

Biking experience

Having rode the bikes from the three most common bike-sharing companies, Mobike ranks top in terms of functionality (for its latest bikes). Its bikes have gear systems that enhances the riding experience. Moreover, the bikes are small in size and lightweight. The brakes are also in good condition most of the time. However, do note that the first generation Mobikes are gearless. Gears really do make a huge difference.

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3. oBike

oBike was the first bike sharing company that landed in Singapore. While it was the first, it wasn’t necessarily the best in our opinion.

oBike Deposit

For oBike, there is a one-time deposit of S$49. If you are a student, you can get a discounted rate of S$19. If you want to game the system, just share the app with your friend, kid or nephew who is still a student.

oBike Riding fares

oBike has a base rate of $0.50 per 15 minutes. This makes it the most expensive bike sharing provider among the bike sharing companies in Singapore.

Can I reserve an oBike?

You are able to reserve bikes under oBike by clicking on the reserve button on its app. You will be given a 10-minute reservation period upon clicking the button.

Promotion/Free rides for oBike

oBike has a referral system that allows you to earn S$3 for referring a new user to oBike.

oBike Riding experience

In our opinion, oBike has the worst biking experience among the three bike sharing companies we have tried. The bikes are heavy and lack a gearing system. In some cases, riding an oBike is even more tiring than walking, especially if there are slopes. The only saving grace for oBike is the availability of bikes. There is hardly nowhere that doesn’t have an oBike.

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