Cheapest Online Grocery Stores in Singapore: We Compared 7 and Here’s Our Verdict

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Do you always find yourself struggling with heavy and bulk bags of groceries after shopping at the supermarket? Have an allergy to crowds or long queues? Rushing home to see your pet?

Well, that’s why online grocery stores are all the rage now. With a few clicks, you can stock up on your necessities and have it delivered as soon as two hours later.

If you are like most people, going into a supermarket with the intention to get a carton of milk may end up with you checking out a basket of milk along with 10 other things.

Besides convenience, shopping online also means less impulse buying. Try walking down aisles of products with tempting packaging and sale labels without getting something you didn’t need.

Not only that, shopping grocery online allows you to compare prices easily across different stores. 

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In this post, we aim to suss out the best and cheapest online grocery stores that offer the most bang for the buck, the most variety, the best shopping experience, and the cheapest delivery.

The comparison was done between FairPrice Online, All for You By Sheng Siong, Giant Online, RedMart, U Stars via honestbee, Kenny Grocery and Amazon Prime Now.

Which is the cheapest online grocery store in Singapore?

Which is the cheapest online grocery store in Singapore?

We put 7 online grocery stores to the test and here’s what we found:

1. Cheapest online groceries – U Stars, Amazon Prime Now, NTUC FairPrice Online

The following prices and products are accurate as of 11 August 2017. Please use them as a guide as the results heavily depend on the chosen products. Please do your own comparison for your favourite products.

Comparison of online grocery stores in Singapore

As you can see, U Stars via honestbee was the cheapest online grocery store with the products we selected, even including the concierge fee! Amazon Prime Now and NTUC FairPrice Online came in pretty close as well. U Stars via HonestBee and Amazon Prime Now have the highest number of cheapest items.

Do note that RedMart offers a price match guarantee. Bought a product from RedMart at its regular selling price and later found that it is higher than what NTUC FairPrice Online is selling at its regular selling price (exact same item)? Redmart will pay you double the difference (in store credits) if you let them know within seven days.

2. Best for Variety – NTUC FairPrice Online & RedMart

NTUC FairPrice Online Grocery Store

While comparing common grocery items, some stores did not have the things we were searching for. NTUC FairPrice Online and RedMart consistently had everything we wanted. On the other hand, U Stars via honestbee generally has the least options (e.g. they don’t have Nutella spread!).

3. Cheapest delivery – Amazon Prime Now & RedMart

Besides variety and price, we also want to make sure that the online supermarkets offer reasonable delivery fees. What’s the point of saving a couple of dollars when you have to pay more for delivery?

In this department, Amazon Prime Now and RedMart are great. They offer free shipping when you spend just $40 and above and above $40 respectively. That’s easily achievable!

The most expensive delivery is Giant Online, which doesn’t offer free delivery with any spend. You have to be prepared to fork out at least $7 for the convenience. NTUC FairPrice and All for You (Sheng Siong) could also do better as you need to spend at least $150 (non-promo) and $100 respectively for free delivery.

Delivery fee comparison for online grocery stores in Singapore

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4. Best for shopping experience – RedMart, Amazon Prime Now, NTUC FairPrice Online

RedMart Online Grocery Store

The attractive part of shopping in an actual supermarket is that you get to browse around, touch the products, and find your favourite products in familiar sections.

A good online grocery store should be able to compensate for that by having

  • an attractive, intuitive, and welcoming website
  • a good search function
  • well-categorised products for browsing
  • quality product images with detailed descriptions
  • fast loading speed

Based on this criteria, RedMart is leading the pack. It has a clean and intuitive website, large and beautiful images, an effective search bar with suggested keywords, product information, and fast loading speed. Not to mention, they have an awesome FAQ page.

Amazon Prime Now and NTUC FairPrice Online weren’t too shabby either with detailed product descriptions and zoomable images.

Our pick for best online grocery store – RedMart

I know, how did RedMart come in first when it’s not the cheapest online grocery store? Firstly, having a price match guarantee at least gives you the reassurance that you won’t be paying more than you regularly would at NTUC FairPrice.

RedMart Homepage

Unless all your favourite products can be found on U Stars or Amazon Prime Now for cheaper or you always make big purchases to qualify for free delivery across all the stores, RedMart makes a good choice.

That’s because, like NTUC FairPrice Online, it has a wide range of products, meaning it is likely your one-stop grocery store. But what sealed the deal for us was that it has the lowest regular minimum spend requirement for free delivery and a great website to boot.

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And finally, our top credit picks for online grocery shopping? That’ll be the Standard Chartered SingPost Card for 7% cashback or the DBS Woman’s World Card for 10X points on your online spends!

Do you have a favourite online grocery store in Singapore? Share it with us in the comment section!


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