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Grocery Shopping at These 4 Places Can Save You Some Money

Grocery shopping is important but that doesn’t mean you sink every penny you have into it. What you need are options that can help you save a bit when you shop for your groceries. So before you go shopping the next time, make sure you give this a read. It could come in handy!

6 Things You Should Stop Doing Now If You Are Unemployed

Being unemployed is easily the most unenviable position to be in. But it is a reality that happens quite unexpectedly and you should be prepared just in case. Here are a few things that you can stop doing to save you money until the pay cheque starts coming in again.

6 Money-Saving Tips for Students Heading to Australia

A new country, a new budget! As you set out on your next adventure, here are some tips to manage your money better in Australia. We hope these help you have fun, while living within your means.

6 Cheaper Alternatives for Everyday Services That Singaporeans Use

Having trouble reigning in those expenses? Here is how you can save some and more – cheaper alternatives for 6 essential services that will put you back in the driver’s seat!

5 Expensive Things in Singapore That Are Cheaper Elsewhere

Travelling abroad? Well here’s how you can make something that you spend on to become something that bring in major savings. Confused? Well here are some countries around Singapore which offer cheaper products that you will love! So next time, remember to pick up these things on your next trip and save some serious cash.

11 Sweet Loyalty Deals for the Millennial Crowd

Some discounts sound too good to be true. But some of these membership cards and loyalty apps and programmes are the real deal to a cheaper lifestyle.

3 Personal Finance Lessons That Undergraduates Should Know

Being an undergraduate is not easy. On the one had you have studies to contend with and on the other your finances. There are times when we, as undergraduates, can land up in some hot water as far as personal finance is concerned. Here are some tips that could help with avoiding these hot waters.

6 Money-Saving Tips for Pregnant Ladies in Singapore

Pregnancy is one of the best phases of life and you must make the most of it. However, it does bring in additional expenses. But some good planning and money matters will not bring in any stress. Here are some handy money-saving tips you will love.

How Will Some of Singapore’s Top Financial Bloggers Invest Their First $10K

What if you had S$10,000 to spare? How would you use it? Would you invest it in something or would you go on a vacation? Lets take a look at what some of the top financial bloggers would do with their money. There could be some useful ideas in here!

How to Save Money on Gadgets in Singapore

Upgrading your electronic stash? Here are some pointers about what you should do before your next tech buy, besides comparing prices and warranties!

20 Wasteful Things That Parents Spend on for Their Kids

Kids can go on with demands that are detrimental to your financial health. Here are some of the most common things that parents waste their money on, and suggestions on how to stop that from happening. And the best part, saving on these can actually help your kid.

Your Uber Rides Might Be Hurting Your Wallet More Than You Think

You may not realise it but your Uber rides may be costing you more than they really should. There is a simple reason for that and it is the CCY Conversion Fee. So what exactly is this fee and how does it alter your Uber bills? Lets take a quick look.

4 Financial Steps Every New Parent Should Take

Maybe you and your partner have just welcomed your newborn into the world or are thinking of starting a family. The emotional rewards of having your own family is indeed priceless. However, the financial load of child raising isn’t light. Start your parenthood journey on a financially sound foot by taking these steps.

5 Things You Should and Should NOT Do with Your Bonus

You have just been rewarded for your efforts; you’re enjoying the feel-good emotion, and are probably tempted to let the sensation flow. Here are a few things you should physically stop yourself from doing; and some you could do instead.

5 English Movies That Teach Us About Money Management

Entertainment and learning, right here! We have a list of movies that teach us some important financial lessons, which, if taken seriously, can help us go a long way in life. Take a look.