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Your Decade-By-Decade Guide to Financial Wellness

Financial planning can be all too overwhelming. But here’s how you can focus your energies in every stage of your life, to get you on your way to financial wellness.

6 Money Tips Millennials Can Learn from Their Parents

Wondering how your parents managed money so well? Here are a few lessons you can learn from them that will help you go a long way. Trim that party budget, set a retirement fund and don’t scrimp on the insurance.

What Is the CDP Account For?

I was having a casual lunch chat with my colleagues on the stock market and was pleased that my first attempt to explain the concept of long versus short, call versus put option was successful. But asked a simple question on what the CDP account is for, I found myself tongue tight. It is… a depository to hold my stocks and… perhaps my holdings inside are guaranteed in certain ways?

6 Essential Money Tips That All Newlywed Couples Can Use

Financial advice for newlyweds ranges from money specific matters like settling existing debt to complicated stuff like never mixing emotions and a financial discussion. Here are 6 tips to handle the inevitable money discussion that will happen sooner rather than later so be prepared!

Coffee Talk With Mitsueki

In our feature of Coffee Talk by Seedly, we get in touch with some of Singapore’s lifestyle influencers and have them share with us their take on personal finance. On this week’s Coffee Talk, we have Mitsueki sharing with us her views on personal finance.

Why You Should Start Tracking Your Spending Today

Many do not realise the importance of saving and spending wisely until they are needed; but by then, it may be a little too late to start. A simple decision to begin taking note of current and future expenditure now may lead to better financial planning and a start to fulfilling individual financial goals. Here are a few reasons why you should start tracking your spending today.

Five Life Lessons That Disney Movies Have Taught Us

Believe us – each heartwarming Disney hero has a life lesson to teach. From following your dreams, not latching on to material possessions to even keeping an emergency fund for life’s unpredictable turns – there is a message in every story. Take a look!

11 Things You Shouldn’t Pay For But Probably Are

Many Singaporeans spend money on things that they can get for free. While some are no-brainers, many people still pay a hefty sum for them for convenience. Sure, you may have a busy schedule. But if you take out just a little bit of time to work around it, you can easily save hundreds per… Read More »

How To Manage Your Finances Without An Advisor

With the next Pirates of the Caribbean set to hit theatres in coming months, one of its popular stars Johnny Depp has made the headlines – not for his involvement in the thrilling film series, but because he’s suing his former business managers for both mismanagement and outright fraud. Depp sued them for $25 million… Read More »

Essential Money Tips for Every Freelancer

Flexible work hours, sleeping in, being the boss of you and your work schedule, unlimited holidays – freelancers are used to dancing to their own beat. Read on for money tips that will help keep you sleeping in on Mondays and going for that goblet at lunch time!

Never, Ever Commit These 3 Financial Mistakes – and How to Fix Them

Bad money habits and lifestyle choices can lead to you into a financial rut. Here’s how to tell if you are going down that rocky road – and ways to get back on track.

4 Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes with Their Credit Cards

Credit cards are the most preferred payment method in Singapore today. But not everybody is using their credit cards wisely. Here are some common mistakes that almost everyone makes with their credit cards.

A Guide to Banking and Credit Card Essentials for New Expats in Singapore

As with any long-term move, it’s important to get your financial essentials sorted soon after you arrive in the country. This article is aimed at steering you in the right direction and in the process, avoid a lot of headache running from pillar to post.

5 Tips to Remember When Planning Your Honeymoon So That You Don’t Come Back Broke

Can there be a better start to your married life than going on a trip together? But we know many couples who end up all spent after their honeymoon trip. You don’t want to make financial mistakes from day one and spend the rest of your life blaming each other, do you?

6 Tips to Get out of Credit Card Debt Quickly

Have you been leaving your credit card bills unread because you’re scared of the amount you need to pay? Do you spend sleepless nights wondering how you reached this place? Then what you need is a quick-fix to your credit card problems.